February 13, 2009

Red or Blue?

I love the Alice In Wonderland/Looking Glass imagery throughout the original Matrix. The other two movies suck wind, IMHO, but that one was pretty damn good.

Anyway, it is with a slightly surreal feeling that I quote one Lew Rockwell here, considering that, as I've stated many times before, he and I parted company more than 7 years ago. If the world were NOTHING but an economy I would have to agree with him; but he seems to forget the existence of insane people bent on destruction, and the need for defense. He even took up an ill-advised jaunt with the Huffington Post. But I really don't want to put a slew of disclaimers around everything I quote from the man (what am I, some PC slave?) because frankly, when it comes to economics there isn't much to argue here. And thus I present some indisputable info from that very source which ought to make its way to the ears of all possible hearers.

Obama's Wealth Destruction

President Obama is under the impression that history owes him $1 trillion right now to spend on whatever he wants. His language is strident and full of irritation that anyone would question his right to live out his personal dream of being Franklin Roosevelt to George Bush's Hoover. This, he says, is what the election was all about.

It just goes to show you that the presidency is something like a drug. It makes people lose all connection to reality. Part of the reality that Obama needs to recognize is that the New Deal was a calamity far worse than the initial market downturn that began it. He needs to stop basing his policies on dumbed-down civics texts versions of events and consider the economic logic.

I believe I just gave a brief rundown of that in my previous post, did I not? The initial downturn is NOT what causes a depression or a prolonged recession. Reagan proved that with that colossal market crash in '87. Oh, the newspapers were trying to scare the SHIT out of us! You know what happened? If you wanted to work, there were MORE jobs available pretty much the next freaking day. You had MORE choice, MORE power as an employee - you could make MORE money and CONTINUE your upward mobility more than ever before. Bad debts were gone; the immense destructive power, the shock and awe of the market only serves the market; and not in the "long run", either. Billions of individuals making billions of individual decisions converging into one ultimate force - the price - these are wondrous, constructive things.

With his rhetoric and policies, he has decided to demonize private enterprise, just as FDR did, as a way to present government as the great savior. Now, think about this. If there is a way out of the recession, it will have to be provided by private enterprise. It will come by new businesses, business expansions, entrepreneurship, new technology, and this will be the source of lasting jobs and prosperity.

Meh, don't blame him; he's echoing (just as Rush Limbaugh doesn't lead but merely echo the sentiment of millions of "Dittoheads") the sentiments of countless lackeys who think just. like. he. does. They've been trained to. The socialists have been in control of the publik de-edukation system and the colleges for a long time, sir. He's doing what we as a people (under the tyranny of the overpopulated, urbanite, latte-sipping city-dwellers have been demanding and demanding for a long time.

You cannot make a country rich by looting taxpayers and paying people to pound nails into siding at public schools! These activities amount to capital consumption. They are not sources of investment. You can say that they are stupid tasks or wonderful tasks, but it is not a matter of ideology as to whether such public projects will make us all wealthier. They will not. They drain the sources of wealth from society. They represent a cost, not a blessing.

I know that, and you know that, and frankly a good many of THEM know that...ask your pal Katie Couric what she thinks as she giggles with Pelosi over raping our civil rights with Porkulus Maximus and how hot Obi-wan is. They DON'T CARE. Those of us who CARE about that have been trying to ram a clue into the GOP while you've been screaming about the war and buddying up with leftists, for whom it will never, ever be enough.

I'm not so cynical about human affairs that I believe that errors must be endlessly repeated. Obama can put a stop to his madness. He needs to know — someone must tell him frankly and openly — that his current path is going to lead not to recovery, but to an extension of suffering, and untold amounts of it.

Well then maybe you're not cynical enough. Maybe you don't KNOW much about Saul Alinski and his disciples (such as Hillary, Wright, Ayers, Obama, et. al.) See, they know it and they WANT it. It gives them massive amounts of power, and THEY aren't the ones suffering under it, are they? Or maybe you haven't read Ayn Rand's discussion of slaves and masters. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slavery, and HE intends to be the master. If he's the master, where's the harm? See, I'm cynical enough to believe that Obama doesn't WANT the country to flourish and prosper but rather to be piddling slaves begging scraps off his and the government's table. We know this from the Soviet Union. THIS is why sometimes WAR is necessary, Mr. Rockwell, even though it is an economic loss. Because there ARE evil people in the world who would make you a slave even if it hurts them in the short or long term.

Go and read the rest of it, if you feel like putting up with the (some of it deserved) Bush-bashing. Say what you want about Bush, he didn't seek to crush the US under his boot and make it his servant.

Economically, he's pretty much spot on. Tragically so.

Take a fucking pill Neo. Which one will it be? If I had the power to erase my own memory and eat a fake steak that tasted good, I just might take the pill that let me do that and remain in ignorance. Unfortunately madness is not a voluntary option. The only really voluntary option in such a case is suicide (not an option for me) and possibly booze (I can do that one, within reason.)

Poor market - making its adjustments. It doesn't know what's about to hit it. Good times WERE just around the corner (not the doom and gloom Obi-wan keeps promising - but hell, even he knows what he's bringing on us.)

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phthaloblu said...

I agree, Annie. Bammy wants it this way. He and his cronies don't want this country to flourish or it's people to succeed. That's the elitist mentality. They want to be on top with everyone gazing up at them. That's why the Hollyweird crowd is so far left. I think they are very self-conscious at how their ritzy lives can be taken from them, and they don't want to be on the bottom. Too bad they didn't think about that before they chose their profession. The smart entertainers (because that's what they; not artists) plan for the day when their services won't be in demand anymore and then they disappear gracefully.

And yeah, I agree about the sequels to the Matrix. They sucked moon dust. My hubby loves them, but I just felt it was Christianity for the new ages. I don't want to be preached when I watch a movie. I'm was born Catholic. ;-P~~~~