February 4, 2009

A Novel Idea

Ok, so it's not new at all. It's just sound economics.

Massive spending of nonexistent money to *improve* the economy ought to, on its very surface, sound like madness. Unfortunately, some people think it is the meaning of "stimulus."

If my mortgage is late, and my car needs major repairs, and my phone, power and gas are on the verge of shutoff, and my taxes come due (because I must be punished for being one of those "rich" working class people who actually earns my daily bread), would it sound like a good idea to take out a home equity line of credit and spend it painting my walls and putting in new floors? Would that "stimulate" our household economy? Or would we be the biggest fools in the world?

So what makes you think that would work for an entire country, exactly?

The ONLY proven means of causing an economy to rebound is to get the hell out of the way, STOP the government intervening and spending what it doesn't earn or have, and let the market adjust. A free market is a self-adjusting system. Granted, you might have to go get a J-O-B if you find yourself in trouble, but there are worse fates in life, honest.

In fact, when people tell agitators who are out pounding the pavement demanding a bigger piece of my hard-earned money to pay for their health care and housing and food to "Get a Life" that is generally what they mean. They don't mean stop caring - they mean start caring about the right things. They mean that most of us don't have the luxury of spending all our waking hours whining on blogs or making petitions for socialized health care and demanding a piece of the pie that OTHER people are working hard to bake - we have jobs to do in order to make sure that our own needs are met and hopefully something left over for our children and even our friends who are in worse shape. If more people would spend their time in productive pursuits and realized that government is actually an impediment to things working properly and helping the most people in the greatest fashion, would in fact, get out and start making their own pies, a lot less senseless political squabbling would take place, and the economy would improve, as it is wont to do when left alone to the people that make it work. The working people ARE the activists - as in, they are active AND productive. It was action by THOSE people (not by activists demanding that *government* act FOR them) that put a man on the moon, manifested the Westward expansion, and won the World Wars.

I realize this crazy idea of a self-adjusting free market sounds crazy, but it works - really it does! There are plenty of economists who understand this, not that they are often featured on the Obamedia, but they're right. It's time to get out of fairyland, it's time to stop trying to cut open the goose that laid the golden egg (so you end up with a handful of guts and no gold) and time to get back to common sense free market principles that work. Yes we can!


phthaloblu said...

The problem is that the left keeps saying it was capitalism that did this. What they don't realize is we've never had a truly free market. It's been regulated over and over again. What we have is no where near a free market. But, why should we try one? It obviously won't work anyway. But, socialism which has been shown to fail, time and time again should be tried? Even if you try to educate them, they won't want to hear it. There are too many that want the nanny state. My question is: if they aren't working, what the hell are they doing with their time?

Larry said...

I got one brewing about what the socialists do to the golden egg laying geese. I have to wait for it to age properly, though.