October 18, 2008

Dual Purpose

There are two purposes to real tax cuts (not mealy-mouthed half-assed tax cuts that don't do much). First purpose is that high taxes are immoral. It is immoral to steal, as in take by force, more and more of a person's money that they have earned. "Progressive" tax codes are more immoral than most; but either way, theft is immoral. Second, meaningful tax cuts benefit everyone because they employ more and more people, give them a better standard of living, and give everyone more profits. They EVEN give the government more money to spend more liberally on programs for the poor and destitute. Not that giving the government more is a good thing, because it isn't, but that's what happens. The lousy, shitty, couple days worth of pay that Joe Blow or Joe the Plumber or Mickey Mouse gets per year from a direct result of a tax cut was never the primary reason, nor does it meaningfully help anyone like Joe Blow. But we knew that, right? More on this later.

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