April 13, 2011

K and L - Kittens, Litter

Haven't been able to access the net; guess I flunked the challenge (not that I'm not going to finish in my own way anyhow) but we have a litter of kittens less than 4 hours old right now - a black-and-grey stripey, a black & white, another dark stripey with a patch of orange on top of his head, and an orange with a white face. He didn't seem like he was going to make it at first; we had to break the sac and rub him with a towel because he was so big that by the time he came out she was already pushing out another one and was too busy to get him breathing. Then she wasn't interested and he wasn't suckling or moving much. But now they're all suckling and mama is sleeping peacefully. Naturally she chose one of the master bedroom closets to do it in...I knew it all day; my husband had been so sure she'd do it in the back room but I just knew somehow where she'd end up. And we'll just leave them alone for the night; the little girl did a pretty good job for a young'un; only almost screwed up one of four. The last cat we had that had a litter had no idea what to do and wanted us with her...then she wouldn't even litter train them; just wanted to suckle them all day. But our other cat trained them; it was hilarious. She literally showed them how to use the litter, and taught them how to calm down and not play too rough. (She had played too rough with the last litter until they outgrew her; she didn't see that coming.) But this cat is very smart, I believe, and she's a fierce hunter - just full of cat cunning and instinct. I think she'll do a good job. Once they're on solids that's that, though, so I hope we have fun with them in the meantime. If I get pictures up I'll post them. They're really not cute yet; you know how it goes. In two weeks they'll be adorable.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Good, up-to-the-minute way to use the letters K & L.

What happens after they're on solids? Feed 'em to the dog?

~ Stephen

Anniee451 said...

Heh, nah; we've got some takers and will find more if need be. My former dog was so small a kitten could have eaten HIM. :D Mama seems very devoted already, so good deal.

phthaloblu said...

Congrats on the kitties! :)

Anniee451 said...

Thanks, pthalo!!! This is the first litter that hasn't been handled to death in the first 12 hours lol; my kids just used to cuddle those things an hour at a time each (naturally had to put them back so they would get their milk!) So I told them we have to make them tame by holding them as much as we can; they really DO need the human contact if they aren't to be feral. Not that their mother is, but she's...she's a tad wild. So yeah, I said hold the little guys. And the big orange one is hilarious - he's twice the size of the others and every time she walks in he just bats the others aside and sucks like a champ lol.

Anyone know why one cat in a litter of five is twice the size of the others? Literally? That seemed a little weird. I thought maybe he wasn't meant to live but he's alive thanks to our efforts so I feel responsible for him. Just curious. Like I say in a week or two they're gonna be amazingly cute so I'll definitely post pics then. If I can get some; my good camera went missing mysteriously last year. Dammit.

Now what freaking letter are we up to? I want to finish this thing in style.

cmblake6 said...

Smudge had 4, Tigger had 5. I've got nine kittens in my house, a week apart. GAH!!!!!

cmblake6 said...

Anniee, what's your 20, dear? The greatest cat I've ever had was the size of her mother when she weaned. I had a Calico Bobcat. I lived in NC at the time, Mama was a country barn cat, and a ho.