April 17, 2011

O - Obamessiah. HEY Obamessiah

You got two representatives - a congressman and a senator being threatened and hate crimed by one of your buddies - you know, a black Muslim (is that the newest protected class? Does protected class mean they can commit no crime?)

She's bragging about it all over the media - she's honestly PROUD of that Piss-letter. So, Obamessiah, oh holy fucking anointed asshole. What the fuck you gonna DO?

You gonna be a MAN for two seconds or at least PRETEND you are, and demand some accountability here? I mean, obviously you can't demand justice because you've never heard the word before (well except maybe for "social justice" but that doesn't mean what you think it means) but you can demand "appropriate" behavior, can't you? Or at least you can PRETEND you do; we're all stupid, we'll fall for it. So you gonna bring the cunt in for questioning at least? Do a little search to make sure she isn't running a meth lab (I mean she's crazy as a shithouse rat; it could be meth) or cooking up vats of poison, or like dissolving bodies in vats of acid in the back room? Just like a cursory check? Gonna see to it that she at least doesn't get to keep working with people's MEDICAL records considering her new history of TERRORISTIC THREATS towards members of Senate and Congress? I remember one of my kids' friends who had a minor skirmish with a friend - and yeah, it was fucking minor. And I seem to remember there was an arrest, a charge of "terroristic threats" and a stint in jail (yes, they could have been bailed out but we live in the real world.)

I swear this here and now. I will NEVER again cooperate with a single fucking member of law enforcement in ANY fashion whatsoever - they will have to BEAT me with fucking nightsticks just to get me to stop so they can ask my NAME - THIS I swear. If NOTHING comes of this terroristic act by the Pisslamist Bitch, if she's not fired and brought to SOME type of justice for this crime that she so freely and proudly acknowledges. You may not have made a very powerful enemy in me but I can promise you to go down with both guns blazing and with NOTHING but fight to the death, if this goes unnoticed and unremarked. I'm watching. And I'm counting the hours. You mark my fucking words you sleazy PRICK. Just wait and see what I call you if you fail. (I shall taunt you a second time.) Ok, that was for my friends. I'm telling you right now; this would be a mistake. The day of reckoning is at hand. If I go down alone; so be it. But...don't be so sure I will, marmot man.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>> . . . (I shall taunt you a second time.)

(I'm beginning to think we might have uncannily similar tastes in movies.)

Hey, speaking of our negative outlook on "Law Enforcement", I posted a link to this blog bit on one of your other installments but I'm thinkin' you might never have seen it. If not, I really want ya to, because I think you'll dig (maybe even love) the crowd I was in with.

An "after-the-fact" video interview with "Torch", the unofficial leader of our old drinking gang "The League Of Soul Crusaders", after he took down a pedophile off-duty Los Angeles police officer.

Please watch it, Anniee! If you don't dig THIS, I don't know nuttin' about you, and I'll return your price of admisstion to ya. Promise!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Anniee said...

Haha; ok watching it now then I'm back to my email. You've got one; working on a second.

Anniee said...

Left a comment on your post - great stuff.

"(I'm beginning to think we might have uncannily similar tastes in movies.)"

Haha; see, if you ever make it out to the right coast, we'll have something to do. Sit back with a stack of movies and cmblake's Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and let 'em play!

DiscConnected said...

"I shall taunt you a second time"

Classic line, classic film.

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