April 19, 2011

So The Terrorists Have Won...

And that's why they can get away with perpetrating acts of terror on our legislators with impunity. I read this and got quite literally ill; physically. That's only happened to me because of written material maybe 3 or 4 times. One was the sociopathic "feminist" Valarie Solanas; the woman who shot Andy Warhol. She has a hate-screed about killing all the men and WHY we really need to do so. Only ten percent of men would be left, and they have to be "turd-men" who are actively seeking their own destruction. (Laugh, people did - but prominent women's studies professor Mary Daly advocates precisely that in an academic setting, and gets paid to do it.) Next time a feminist tells you she won't read anything anti-feminist because it's "ugly" send her a copy of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Solanas - it's feminist, after all. Required reading for most women's studies courses. And it's as ugly as writing is possible to get.

Anyway, that was one time. This is another. I...I'm stunned. It's sick.

The Obama administration, which refuses to allow any of its representatives to appear on Fox News, proudly boasts that it has “a great relationship” with the anti-American Al-Jazeera television network.

That part didn't do it; but as we go on...

Seven years after then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called the broadcaster’s reporting “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable” and President George W. Bush joked about bombing it, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised it as “real news” in her recent Senate testimony.

Al Jazeera. AL JAZEERA. THIS is who our administration is cozying up to? To what extent? It gets worse, much worse.

Not only that, her staffers, as well as those of the CIA and the Obama White House, were attending the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner as Al-Jazeera’s guests.

“They are a really important media entity, and we have a really great relationship with them,” said Dana Shell Smith, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for international media engagement, who speaks Arabic and has frequently appeared on the channel. “This administration has empowered those of us who actually do the communicating to be in a close relationship with Al-Jazeera. They understand that the relationship can’t consist of complaining to each other about the differences we have.”

That did it. Except that wasn't all. It still gets worse. Yes.

… “The emir of Qatar come by the Oval Office today, and he owns Al-Jazeera basically,” Obama said in remarks recorded by CBS News’s Mark Knoller. “Pretty influential guy. He is a big booster, big promoter of democracy all throughout the Middle East. Reform, reform, reform. You’re seeing it on Al-Jazeera.”

The WHO came by WHERE? We're giving a terrorist organization access to the WHITE HOUSE now? What makes it so bad is that two years ago this would have been utterly unthinkable and you would NEVER have to worry about this happening. Omg, it doesn't get better. Every time I read this shit I get sicker. 8 years we fight the terrorists and in two this guy has turned it around 180 and having them to tea. All that blood, all those people who jumped to their deaths, all our boys who went over never to return...and we're best friends forever BFFs! with the media outlet who empowered the enemy. "Complaining about our differences"? Are you fucking kidding me? This isn't about DIFFERENCES; these are our ENEMIES. This is treason. My worst fears have indeed been confirmed. First we let in the communists and now we let in the terrorists. This earth is satan's dominion for sure.

WHY DIDN'T I TAKE THE BLUE PILL? Wake me up; I'm having a monster nightmare!

via: I Hate the Media

While you're here; I just came across this old link to Jezebel - why feminists HATE Sarah Palin so viscerally. Surprisingly, she openly admits the real reason - they're jealous! And ugly. (Jeez, seeing someone talk about "ugliness" in the feminist movement...has she ever seen Andrea Dworkin??? Google it; I'm not putting her here.)


RationalThought said...

It's not like the Bush administration didn't also cozy up to terrorists. The Saud regime rests squarely on a foundation of Wahhabism, THE basis for violent radical fundamentalist Islam. The Bushes are so close the Saud family that the Saud ambassador got the nickname Bandar Bush and is considered a member of the Bush family.

The worst part about the current situation is not that one political party is selling out America for their personal gain, but that BOTH the parties are competing over which of them can sell out America faster.

PS This is RT from RN. If you check your messages elsewhere you will see there are a few things I'd like to discuss with you privately.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...


>>> . . . the S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Solanas

Yup. I'd read it some time back. "Ugly" might be too tame a word.

>>> . . . This earth is satan's dominion for sure.

Ain't no question about THAT!
1 John 5:19
Luke 4:5-7
John 14:30 & 18:36, et al.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Anniee451 said...

Hi RT; nice to see you - it's just that now we've got open acts of terrorism happening on our soil and nothing being done about them in a very disturbing and blatant way. I guess I shouldn't have brought Bush up at all ;) My fault. But for the most part, I really do agree - and while the freshman are giving it a try, I don't really see it going anywhere...rough deal they got.

I haven't seen my messages (and my membership is about up) but I'll drop you a line with my email listed in it.