April 15, 2011


Atlas Shrugged is out today, if anyone but anyone gets to go see it, I want a report on my desk by the morning please! I can't get out until probably next Thursday, unfortunately - shame, because the cinematography looked excellent and I'd like to see it on the biggest screen there is (they'll be moving it soon enough to the tiny pissant theater sections) plus I haven't been to the movies since Mamma Mia. I just can't see missing this one. I've never read the book so I'm not going to be sitting there complaining about how they ruined it like I do with any other book-to-movie. I don't want spoilers necessarily, but I'd like to know how far they get in the story (like do they get to Hank Rearden's Trial or not?), how many more installments it's going to take, how the acting was, etc. Anything you want to tell me - actually I don't mind spoilers; if you've read the book, all the better. You can tell me if it's way off or if it's unapologetically the same story. I'm truly hoping the latter!

Oh, and here's a great site about it - Gonna go listen to Hank Rearden's voice mail now.

FWIW I reject aspects of Objectivism as morally repugnant philosophy; that doesn't make the entire concept wrong. The last economics movie was Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe and it sucked (it wasn't true to what he actually developed.) Plus I've talked to that guy - the Princeton guy Crowe portrayed - John Forbes Nash; he's a jerk. He really thinks he came up with something when in fact the only practical application has been to gaming programming. Guy can NOT take criticism.

I'm reading that they got Shrugged *right* and that it's not cheesy, but stylish and excellent. That's what I'm talking about. I also love that they went with people that I've never heard of; are they unknowns? For the most part? That is perfect; that way no one's big personality/ego gets in the way of the story. A bold move, reminiscent of Star Wars. Which also changed the world :)

Great review/synopsis here - Atlas Shrugged - Not Cheesy

Omg; this is amazing! Leaked scene - Rearden comes home. The last bit; stunning! So true!

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