April 6, 2011

G: Gramma

No, no picture. I looked at that pictures and there's NO picture like her. GULP - gotta drink a BIG drink for this one. How can I describe my gramma? Why would you care? Well IF you care, she was a...as my mother describes her, a "saint'. And a Catholic doesn't say that lightly. No, she wasn't a sain't, she was a human being with her faults and her weaknesses, but she was GOOD. She knew her husband ran around, didn't she? She knew her daughter didn't love her daughter and she knew her husband (who was raising his granddaughter) was a prick...and still she tried to make peace. Every time I hear "Blessed are the peacemakers" I think of her. She TRIED. Succeed? No. But TRIED. I prayed and prayed that I would be a peacemaker....HAHA!!! I TRY. They accuse me of wanting for selfish reasons...SO? I WANT PEACE. I don't give a fuck why.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...


No one could ever accuse you of being conventional!

Which letter you got planned for tomorrow? "M"? "O"-"K"?

"Y"-"R"-"U"-"S"cramblin' up da alphabet? Just to keep us "G"uessing?

Oh, wait! "G" isn't for "G"uessing - "G" is for "G"ramma.

See? Ya gots me so confused I don't know if I'm comin"G" or "G"oing. Or "G"ramma.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

DiscConnected said...


Nothing in the rules said you had to post in alphabetical order.

I think we should have Mr. McCarthy sing that alphabet song, but rearrange the melody to fit the order you post in...


phthaloblu said...

Just gotta say I'm so enjoying reading your alphabet...whatever order you put 'em in. ;) Good work, gf.

Angela Felsted said...

Sound like your grandmother was a good woman.