April 17, 2011

Kitten Update...

These aren't our kittens; but it looks almost like them. And they're at the same stage. Ours are cuter.

Ok; bile out of system, thanks for your patience.

All 5 little kitties are doing just fine; they were exceptionally tiny (like the size of mice) because she is a very small cat and there were five of them and they don't SEEM any bigger, just a bit plumper. But it's REALLY adorable (I can't get pictures yet because my good camera went missing many months ago out of nowhere and the one we have needs really bright light; which neither mom nor the babies wants right now) because while their faces don't look right yet, nor their little chicken legs, their bodies and tails are just like these TINY little perfect H0 model cats; little teeny tiny stripes one of them has all down its body right down to the raccoon tail (but grey/dark grey not rust).

And on two of them it looks like just the very inside corners of the eyes are starting to open. If they actually get mobile and aren't much bigger...well jeez, they're gonna get creamed; they better grow. Even if it would be hilarious; they're like hamsters or something. But as I suspected, she's a very very good mama and they are quite content.

Only thing is our big giant old tomcat...first time she came out of the closet to eat and drink, he hissed at her. And he's been hissing at her ever since. We've scolded him and yeah, I gave him a swat at the haunch, a light one - he knows he's being bad and he just gets really pissy with ME then. Oh he wouldn't dare hiss, but he gives me the stinkeye. And my husband has tried too; it's quite obvious the cat knows what he's being scolded for and he just gets pissy with us. But it's sad, because she just looks up at us like, "Why is he doing that? I didn't do anything!" He'll even stop, sniff at her, then hiss again. Bastard. He won't attack or anything; he's never killed anything in his life much less fought with anything. Actually, when he goes outside the birds divebomb him and all he does is look up and start talking to them. True story; only thing he ever "killed"- I'm thinking he all of a sudden after a year or two killed something and that seemed weird. He's walking up to the house with something dark and fuzzy in his mouth. Turned out to be a glove. Well, he brought it home, anyway. Now this girl kitty, she was like 3 months old when she started killing. Brought the dam thing right in the house and started playing with it. I was like uh, no. Not in here. So I'm not worried he's gonna hurt them; but normally he likes to play with the other animals (he played with my dog; or he tried; the dog was terrified of him. Well the cat was like 3 times his size) so I was hoping he'd play with the little guys too. Well I'm sure they'll all work it out, but I don't like to see him unhappy and making her wonder what's wrong. Ah well, they're gonna be so cute when they open their eyes and get mobile. And right now it's just fun to check out their little colors and stripes and watch them for a few minutes. She likes more privacy than the last mama cat we had; but no problem.


DiscConnected said...

I like cats, too-wanna swap recipes?

I'm kidding-read on...

Sure they're cute now...but wait'll they're mobile, and you have cat hair everywhere and kittens in everything and all of your furniture has been torn to shreds.

I have three (the third was a mistake-I'll never let myself get talked into it again) and I can'tturn around without stepping on a cat.

Mine are indoor cats but I still can't bring myself to get them declawed.

Hopefully you have homes lined up for the kittens (or live on a farm) because there's one thing that's certain if you have kittens now.

Without a little snipping here and there, you're gonna have more kittens in about six months.


Anniee said...

"you have cat hair everywhere and kittens in everything and all of your furniture has been torn to shreds."

How would that be different from now exactly? ;)

We've normally had 3 cats at a time; and with Annie (yes I'm named after her) she kept escaping right before she was about to go in and be fixed, so we went through THREE litters. Hehe; 4 in the first, 5 in the second and 6 in the third. But I agree; we were actually down to one cat (well and a rabbit but poor guy's not for this world too much longer) and gah; you don't wanna know, we've had an animal or two beyond that here and there. Oh yeah, two parakeets. Aw, I miss them. At any rate I wasn't going to do a second cat at all but I sort of got railroaded into it and it was *supposed* to be my son's...that worked when he was 6 and when he was 16 but now? Not so much. I'd say something but honestly he has scooped cat litter faithfully for at least 16 years, and still does, so I can't see complaining much here. Plus he's your all around decent son.

Too much indeed; I'll never go past two cats again. It was one thing when the kids were little; we could have a guinea pig and a rabbit and 3 cats and they took care of them, but they're big people now and have stuff to do.

"Mine are indoor cats but I still can't bring myself to get them declawed."

I'm really glad to hear that; ours do go out but even then Annie used to claw certain stuff and I wouldn't have done it either. My girlfriend was a 4-H girl and she introduced me to the horror of the procedure young, and never did change her stance. She always said "That's just like cutting our fingers off to the first knuckle! It's an amputation!" Heh, as though I'd suggested it or something.

Oh yes, we also have friends at local shelters who do things like "adoption day" and they always love to have kittens. They get snapped up real quick (like within hours) and if they don't, we get them back (that's never happened but it isn't like dumping them) so even if we don't have them all placed they'll do fine. But that is certainly going to be the last one; this one wasn't supposed to happen but there were extenuating circumstances.

The best kitten recipe I ever had was very simple - put one kitten in a pot...nah, remove giblet bag from thanksgiving turkey, cut up the liver, put on a plate and watch as your sweet little kittens go all feral like lions. Jeez, they actually growled as they devoured that stuff! Some people do an all raw meat diet but who has the stamina for that? Not I.

You got pictures of yours up anywhere?

Chuck said...


phthaloblu said...

Adorable! We love our feral born kitty, even tho he only loves us when we feed him. haha He kills, but his mama never got a chance to teach him what to do with it after he kills it, whatever it is. He always struggles between his domesticated and his feral sides. Will have to try the liver at Thanksgiving.

Anniee451 said...

Chicken livers work too :D

Our olde Hobbes (RIP) used to kill huge things - jeez, he even killed bats out of the air and snakes in the grass. Nary a day passed that we didn't find a bloody, decapitated animal on our doorstep. It was very gruesome. But he was very gentle with people and other pets, once he got used to them...it used to tear him up inside; he'd have to either go kill something or just stay away for like a week (after giving me the tragic eyes - how could we bring in an animal that he wouldn't be able to kill?) Then come back like it was all fine.

Baby Gracie disappeared once when she was a kitten, and Hobbes was happy...but my husband told him one day as he let him out, "Do NOT come back without that little girl!" Half an hour later, Hobbes showed up at the door with Gracie -no shit. She'd been gone 3 days! He just went and fetched her, just like that.

Also I just recently realized what your name is! How could it have eluded me. I'll be Alizarin Crimson, please. I had the whole set of William Alexander oil paints and the easel, canvas, brush, knife, palette, etc. Turned out one beautiful painting (the water was so much fun - gotta "hypnotize" it) - and that was the end of that. I know everybody loved the bearded guy but I was way into Bill Alexander, the happy little Prussian. Loved him and his stuff. After all, HE invented the wet on wet technique, not that other guy.

Omg he's on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgJOgDSq-A8 Yay!

Hiya chuck! Don't be a stranger :)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

The other day, somewhere on your blog - (A blog installment? A comment you posted?) - you said something that led me to believe that you might be a reformed Liberal.

I've looked and looked and looked again - everywhere - but can't seem to relocate it. I remember that the remark came toward the end of the written piece, whether it was a blog bit or one of your comments on a blog bit.

Anyway, I've given up looking. But tell me, did I interpret that correctly? Were you once, "in a galaxy far, far away", a person more of the Left?

And if so, to what do you attribute your current sanity?

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

POSTSCRIPT: I haven't forgotten that I still owe you a reply to your magnificent 2-part Email, and I promise to get a response to you soonz I'm sober enough to compose one. ...Perhaps even tonight, if I ain't got enough booze on hand to achieve the "Full Liquidated Condition".

Anniee451 said...

Cool beans. I got a hangover and no haire of the dawg, so I can use it. They really need to harness the power of the shakes for public use.

Anyway, yes, I was raised on the Northern Seaboard, so I LITERALLY did not know what conservatism or libertarianism actually were growing up. Yes, I knew Archie Bunker but that was fiction and he was a straw man. Even having lived through the Carter depression and enjoying the Reagan boom, I didn't GET it. I always thought that people who talked about economics were just full of shit; I thought economics was so complex that no one could possibly understand it and that all those who did were liars.

Then I turned from Atheism to Christianity after my mother in law expressed belief and I was shocked that anyone really believed that stuff. So I started reading apologetics and history and science and checking out "The Evidence that Demands a Verdict" - and my verdict came in positive. This was true! All of a sudden I wasn't able to lie effectively anymore (that was like an immediate change) and I realized that abortion was murder. Which was the single issue I switched political sides on. I couldn't vote for Clinton.

Then this weird and funny guy called Rush Limbaugh started going on television, and explaining things in layman's terms. I bought a book from him, called "The Way Things Ought to Be" and he explained all KINDS of things, including taxes and economics, in layman's terms. It was like a bomb going off. The whole world started to make sense. I became voracious - reading everything in the category I could get my hands on, and became a full-fledged conservative.

continued...stupid character limits.

Anniee451 said...

Over the years with the advent of the internet, I was exposed to the teaching of libertarianism, and started reading about THAT. And I started getting really heavy into free market economics and the other side of that coin, how the justice system has to work in order to maintain free markets, and whether personal morality could or should be legislated, and what our founding documents say on the matter. At any rate, that was the last major tectonic shift - from pure conservatism to libertarian. Small L, as the party itself is kind of insane. Common law and free markets; the government exists to stop men from harming and defrauding one another, and that's pretty much the extent of it. If only they'd just do that job and leave us the hell alone otherwise. Then there's plenty of room for social stigmas and social pressures to assist people with morality and introduce them to belief in God and various morals. Which is where, of course, Rush and I part company. It wasn't easy to acknowledge that, as I credit him with changing my life, but there it is. But I can still enjoy his humor stylings and his spot-on analyses of various issues (few people understand leftists as well as he does; except of course a former hard leftist like me). At this point I'm convinced, and when people tell me I'm parroting Limbaugh (even though I don't listen to him anymore) I tell them that RUSH copies ME except when he's wrong and doesn't listen to me. It's even funnier when they say I'm copying Glenn Beck - um, who? I have never listened to the guy.

I was, however, on Hannity's radio show once, and he liked what I was saying so much that he actually CALLED UP the previous day's guest so that I could debate her on air lol! I don't even think he'd ever done that before. That was at the point when I was really learning how evil feminist theory is, and having been raised feminist and having to reject it utterly and fight it, I was up on the subject matter (adoption and the role of the evil men was the topic.) I choked a bit talking to the woman, but I'd never been on the radio before lol. Hannity told me to be aggressive but I wasn't as much as I should have been. I could do it now.

Claims are made, and I adjust my view according to the truth I "ferret" out with research. Am pretty comfortable with what I've reached now, and can acknowledge that there are some things I don't know and may never know. Except for those things, I know everything. :D I've always had a strong affinity for logic and truth and have been free in my adult life to pursue knowledge - luckily study has always been a pleasure to me if I'm interested in the subject, and once freed from the shackles of "school" I was able to dig in and really learn something.

Anniee451 said...

I have a friend (well, had - friends for 20 years broken up over the 2000 election) who is a Christian (I suppose) who remains hard leftist radical feminist. I have no idea how she makes sense of the world with such diametrically opposed ideologies rattling in her head. But then, she was an English prodigy but couldn't do math. Being left-handed, I had the unique ability to be a prodigy of both (even if my approach to math is slightly different than most - the axioms don't change. 2+2 still equals 4. The hypotenuse is still equal, squared, to the added squares of the other sides. Chaos theory maddens me; it was sort of the whole point of Alice in Wonderland.)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Sincere thanks for such a thorough (and entertaining) response to my question. You Rock, Sister! (I know that sounds trite, which is why I never use that expression. So, when I do, you can be certain I MEAN IT!)

In a sense, we have a similar background, except that I always hated abortion and, like my parents, was always a registered Republican (although I became an “Independent” some years ago). I thought the first book that Rush Limbaugh (sorry, but I now refer to him as “Limboob”) published was great, and really spoke for that “silent majority”.

A friend of mine, Dean, turned me on to some crazy “Conspiracy Theories” circa 1989 or ’90. In 1994, I discovered that perhaps 70%-75% of what Dean believed was indeed factual. A spiritual experience and many years of studying as intensively as you did, taught me what was really going on, and showed me how to identify and “out” the phony Conservatives (i.e., NeoCons) amongst us.

I know EXACTLY what you mean by calling yourself a small-L “libertarian”. For myself, I have pretty much thrown out all labels except for the one I am still regularly willing to apply to myself: “Constitutionalist”. And I trust that’s basically what you mean in referring to yourself as a small-L “libertarian”. I am a big believer in Henry David Thoreau’s statement from ‘Civil Disobedience’: "That government is best which governs least".

Another HDT quote that you will find me often applying to the political realm is:

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
~ Henry D. Thoreau

Now, when you start talking mathematics, you leave me in the dust because, for whatever reason, my brain just shuts down immediately when numbers are introduced (although, oddly enough, I was always a semi-decent chess player).

A wonderful and thorough response to my question. Many thanks, Anniee, my friend!

~ D-FensDogg
‘Loyal American Underground’

Anniee451 said...

Haha, nice. Happy to oblige, believe me. Everyone likes to talk about themselves sometimes :D

And don't worry, I may be good at maths, but you'd ream me in a game of chess. About the only good thing that's come out of the new maths is the much-misunderstood butterfly effect and some decent sci-fi. JMO of course; I could be wrong but I'll never admit it. Alice in Wonderland was Lewis Carroll expressing his disdain for the "new" maths that were coming out at the time; ironically, he did it through use of language, which is a fascinating choice to me. Jeez, I mean even the concept of "zero" - I just love what math DOES, it's mind-opening.

Your friend Dean sounds like a great character; wish I knew him.

"I thought the first book that Rush Limbaugh (sorry, but I now refer to him as “Limboob”) published was great, and really spoke for that “silent majority”.

Oh yes, he did. And sure, he's jumped the shark and we can call him boob - heck, I hear he doesn't do much anymore but blather about sports - so long as we remember his pivotal role in bringing in people like me and you and millions of others, in ushering us towards knowledge, pointing us in the right direction. I don't think he'd be so upset about that. A legacy - and they ain't seen nothing like us yet, have they? Hehe.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>> . . . And don't worry, I may be good at maths, but you'd ream me in a game of chess.

Dunno 'bout dat. I haven't played a game in a few years now. For awhile there, I was playing games with this young man I knew - like 20 years old, and born in Russia. Which is really funny if you think about it. I'M teaching what little I know about chess to a Russian?!

I told him that chess was in his blood and it shouldn't be long before he was beating me regularly. Well, the last time we faced off against each other, he played me to a draw, and that was the FIRST time I didn't beat him. I could see the hand writing on the wall and said, "OK, you've played your last game against me." I figured he would probably beat me the next time.

[We didn't really stop playing because I feared I would be losing to him soon - although I probably would have been. We just kind of fell out of touch after that.]

>>> . . . Your friend Dean sounds like a great character; wish I knew him.

Oh, he was a character alright. All the conspiracy knowledge he acquired (some of it being incorrect, as I said) nearly drove him insane. First it drove people away from him and then nearly drove him crazy (as it does to a lot of people when they finally come to see 'The Big Picture').

When the IRS came looking for him, he kind of disappeared, and eventually backed away from the conspiracy subjects because it's just too depressing and nobody wants to hear about it anyway.

>>> . . . A legacy - and they ain't seen nothing like us yet, have they? Hehe.

"I'd kinda like to be the president
So I could tell you how your money's spent."

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'