April 20, 2011

FrankJ Says...

"You can now edit the US map on Google. Probably going to be someone’s full time job to restore New Jersey every time it’s deleted."

Haha! He's the IMAO guy - and he's hilarious. If you've never been there, do take a visit. It's where I get my daily laughs. He also says:

"Charles Mason breaks twenty year silence? I thought he was only fired from MSNBC a few months ago."

And Charlie used that broken silence to condemn...global warming! Bwahaha! Manson and Gore and Manbearpig - what a partnership.

Finally in funnies, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is posting the funny mugshots of the day so we can all vote Mugshot of the Day Good stuff! I wonder what the heck happened to THESE GUYS . I don't know but the second one is sad; I'm voting for the guy covered in...cocaine? Heroin? Flour?

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