November 5, 2008

The American People Have Spoken

And they AM STUPID! It's official...a majority of the people in the United States are morons. But, honestly, did you doubt that? We've been systematically pumping idiocy and socialism into the publik skruuls for a LONG TIME. How would it be possible that a majority WERE NOT dumb? It wasn't. I look forward to the Schadenfreude, naturally - and make no mistake, my friends, there WILL be Schadenfreude here. The weakest possible Republican candidate got the nomination against the strongest possible a year when the Repubs haven't made the election since Truman. There was very little chance, even without fraud (as happened pretty openly). Woulda, coulda, shoulda make no difference now. Do stock up on your firearms and ammo, though. Buy a generator (remember, Obama promised electricity will skyrocket under his watch). Don't join the service right now if you're not in already. God bless our boys who are already serving. There is no dotcom bubble coming. There will be no fake salvation under this messiah. The gold on tin gods rubs off quickly. If talk radio goes down, I will be abandoning this blog, of course - if dissent is stifled (Joe the Plumber might tell you a bit about that) I will shut up because I have a very healthy dose of self- and family-interest. But for the next 2 1/2 months, I'm going to laugh and dance. I will toast RIGHT NOW the last American president - George Bush. And believe me, he was NOT my first choice in the 2000 primaries, nor do I appreciate his appeasement of the left for the last 8 years. God bless you all, my fellow Americans. I will not be watching the gloating of the left - no longer to immerse myself in leftist blogs and media. I ignored the news for 8 years under Clinton and I will do so now. I will likely be out of a job like most people will - but hey, the One promises to pay my mortgage anyway. Great deal friend - pay it while I move to Alaska :) We'll be here as usual for the time being, though.

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