November 26, 2008

To Trolly Laura

I'm posting this especially for Laura, who thought I showed incredibly poor taste with my African-American Widow post - hey, I was being PC dammit - all I do for you people and no respect! Hmph. And I thought the dress was cooler than ever once I realized it was totally a spider dress. But anyway, I just found out that Ann Coulter has been injured and had her jaw wired shut. Heh - now honestly, I like Ann Coulter and she makes me laugh like few people do, but even I can appreciate the irony. I'm betting she can too. Naturally I wish her a speedy recovery with little pain. And I'm hoping that tomorrow's column will be extra funny, maybe some Percocet will loosen her up more than usual. But I want to take this opportunity to thank the left for staying so classy, and for celebrating Coulter's injury with such glee and joie de vivre. The same glee with which they celebrated when Rush Limbaugh went deaf. The same glee with which they greeted the news that his deafness might have been caused by his drug addiction. The same glee I felt when the blue stained dress came out (though you'll notice that isn't quite the same thing is it?) Hmm, is there anything comparable? Here's one - I feel nothing when an abortion doctor gets killed. I don't feel happy or sad. So make of that what you will; at any rate I don't take a political position on abortion except to return it to the states and that's tepid. So there's my confession. The point is, you're doing your Schadenfreude dance yet again over the suffering of a conservative, and that makes me happy. Because your turn will come and I get to enjoy it as well.

The LA Times rejoices! (And were hoping that someone had assaulted her so that they could, get this, throw roses to him. Oh, that classy, objective, LA Times - Release the Khalidi tape you shitheads!)

Olbermann, classy "journalist" that he is, rejoices and makes a semi-funny joke.

It's the best news Jezebel's heard all day!

And the list goes on and on and on, and the nekkid happy dance goes on everywhere in the lefty's world.

Bottom line, Laura, don't you wish you had picked ANOTHER day and A DIFFERENT subject to fuck with me on? You look like a real asshole now. LOL

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