November 25, 2008


In what is being hailed as a brilliant political move, Obama prepares for Republican opposition. They seem to intend to - this is very hard to say - but to refer to opposition as "obstructionist." I know, I know! I know it's serious, I know it's horrifying, a prospect to make a brave man (a man's man, yet) weep, but it's one we're just going to have to take on the chin.

8 years of being called Nazi Murderer Christofascist Godbag Woman-Killing Fucktards and the word obstruction is supposed to cut like a knife I guess. Yes, I will be opposing Obama at every turn, as will many people. Every turn. Even if I think he's right (but he won't be.) I will hamstring his presidency in every possible way. Call that whatever you like, including christofascist godbagism, because I'm way beyond caring about all THAT. You brought it, and you're gonna own it. It should be a lot of fun. :)

While I'm here I might as well mention that the term "mandate" has always been dumb. I don't care if 3/4 of the people in this country think they want a communist system or a removal of checks and balances or to restructure the entire government on a basis which is not constitutional; that doesn't mean the president and his cabinet and the justices and the legislators have any right to do so. What they are MANDATED to do is to uphold the constitution and the sovereign rights of the individual. That is their mandate. Now I can certainly understand that when a radical deconstructionist gains power (over both houses, the executive branch and in time the judicial branch) that he will of course want to enact the radical deconstructionist agenda his guru Saul Alinski et. al. taught him or her to do. I don't blame them for wanting to try. I wouldn't blame Jerry Falwell, had he ever accomplished having both houses, the judiciary, and the executive office for trying to enact a hard right social agenda. I mean, they were elected on a platform of promises (though Obi-wan was kind of sly and didn't tell much of the truth about those, did he? But we all knew what he was about with that little smirk.) That doesn't mean these people won't be opposed in what they do - they will and must be opposed. As I say, their mandate is to uphold the constitution, not to kirigami the hell out of it. And our job, the job of the vigilant, is to oppose and hamstring and obstruct their efforts to do so. In that we shall continue our efforts. This is the way we STOP the government from ruining the entire country - by stopping it from doing so much. And by trying to roll it the hell back from the things it's already taken over with its reverse-Midas touch and turned to shit - education, charity, etc. You have your mandates and we have ours - if we lose this country and its constitutional form of government we lose it at the point of a sword, so I'll repeat again that 'obstructionist' is a compliment; you've been calling us all FAR worse for a long time now, and we aren't afraid of you or your names. :)

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