November 4, 2008

Black Panthers Not Intimidating?

"So we have a bit of a dust-up about a couple of guys up at 12th and Fairmount standing outside a polling place. Wearing clothes with the emblem of the New Black Panther Party. And holding a night stick. Fox News and Michelle Malkin jumped all over it. Media Lizzy has a video here of a young man who identifies himself as a "media person" and poll watcher from the University of Pennsylvania walking up to the guy with the nightstick and asking questions. The guy with the stick claims to be "security" and asks why people are taking his picture. And then we get this: "I think it might be a little bit intimidating for you to have a stick in your hand," Media Guy says. "Who are you to decide?" Black Panther Guy asks. "I'm a concerned citizen," Media Guy continues. "And so are we. That's why we're here," Black Panther Guy responds." Apparently some of the reporting went that Republicans were intimidating Dems in Delaware and that The Black Panthers were "guarding" polls in Fairmont. Because Repubs are intimidating and the Black Panthers aren't. Must be part of Obama's "Civilian Security Force." Which is pretty scary stuff; I suggest reading it. Also, voting twice or more in Philly. Wait a minute - hold the PHONE - doesn't that mean that the false registrations they were saying DON'T lead to actual vote fraud, actually DID lead to vote fraud? Well DAMN, I don't know HOW that could happen! Scratching my head, wondering WHY Republicans want to purge voter's a mystery.

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