November 20, 2008

Penny Pritzker: The List Grows!

This is actually going to be more interesting than I thought it might. Hopefully you've divested yourself of any positive cash flow and business interests you might have had and gone John Galt on the country, because it's going to be fiscally disastrous, but it's going to be SO interesting! I mean the cast of characters couldn't be more bizarre if these were the Clinton years again. It's like the Clinton years cubed.

We had Wright Jr. and Pfleger and Ayers - Wright and Ayers are on the talk show/media circuit as we speak - that started up just days after the election of the man who allegedly knows nothing about them and they're just, you know, guys from the neighborhood lol. Then we started hearing about the cabinet picks and it keeps getting weirder. Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff - the guy who not only sends dead fish to pollsters he doesn't like, but who sat there at the Clinton's table as the enemies list was read, stabbing with his knife and intoning "Dead! Dead! Dead!" You couldn't ask for a more colorful character. Except maybe Wright and his god damn chickenssssssssssss! Tom Daschle HHS?? Really?? Anyone who's been paying attention for the last 16 or 20 years doesn't need a rundown on him. Or on Hillary for that matter. And you'll be finding out all about Eric Holder, don't worry. He's a veritable pinata. (Mark Rich pardon anyone?)

Then he tried to pick Penny Pritzker, his chief fundraiser, for secretary of commerce. Sadly, she is apparently turning it down. That would have been fun too - the pioneers of the subprime mortgage, the people who hosted a red-carpet affair for Ahmedinejihad at her NYC Grand Hyatt hotel? Yeah, I'm sorry she's not going to be in the show, because it's going to be really, really fascinating.

By the way, to the morons on BOTH sides of the aisle who keep saying "See? The nation has taken a turn toward the left (or center, if you're stupid enough to believe it was conservative/libertarian to begin with) so get with the program! Join us or be irrelevant!" How stupid are you people? It doesn't always happen in 4 years (seldom does a president fuck up as badly as a Jimmy Carter and seldom that they get shot like Kennedy) but by the end of 8 years, the other party gets it. Unless you've been an amazingly smashing success, but that's pretty rare - and Obama's no Reagan LOL. Let me clue you in on something - by the end of 8 years, the GENERAL idiots in the population don't give a shit whether the guy in there is left, right, or freaking triangular - they have short attention spans and they figure it's time for something different. This is not all bad, to be honest, because there is only so much that can be changed fundamentally in that amount of time - term limits were the kindest legacy we have and it's just a shame they don't apply to the houses. Obama's election doesn't indicate some general shift to the left any more than Bush indicated a shift to the right or Clinton indicated a shift to the rapists and sexual predators - people want something new and different and they're going to have it; your average asshole on the street doesn't like "The Man" and in 4 - 8 years, Obama and the Dim party are going to be "The Man", do you get it? Yes us political junkies and the intelligentsia like to inform ourselves and debate and fight and shake things up and in the case of conservatives/libertarians STOP the gradual but ever-increasing leftward trend we've been in for 80 years while you try to fast-forward it into outright communism - but we aren't your average voters. We aren't even all voters. Your average guy gets sick of The Man and blames him for the trouble, and it goes back the other way. So let's get real and stop reading too much into things, shall we?

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