November 19, 2008

Moving Forward

A heart for Harold Meyerson hehe. Now I'm not trying to go back on my vow here - the end goal of my writing is to expound upon the need to oust the undesirable appeasing element OUT of the conservative/libertarian movements and get back to a party or parties founded on the actual constitution, personal liberty, free-markets (redundant with both of the former terms) and stop countermanding the constitution, personal liberty, freemarkets and so forth by continually seeking the approval of the media, the left (again redundant) and the brainwashed masses. But in that vein it is sometimes necessary to remind ourselves just what we're up against. We are up against a left that is used to being catered to because of their bullying tactics and the full collusion of the media and educational systems. This Meyerson piece is merely an example of what that produces, with some common sense counterarguments and a staunch refusal of their smug, condescending tone which seeks to gain control of BOTH the left and the right and dictate a socialist state which is wholly incompatible with the precepts of the Declaration, the Constitution, and personal liberty. What we will not stand for in other words. But never forget how very ENTITLED they feel not only to DICTATE to you what you must do with your movement, but to dictate the principles on which you live your very life as well as treat you like the dogshit they truly believe you are, sneering at you for obeying their commands. Stop talking to them. Stop the "dialogue." Stop catering to them. Stop simpering. Stop apologizing. Stop COLLUDING with the left. This piece will demonstrate why.

He starts off bitching about Fox News. I don't give much of a crap about Fox News, though while they have gotten some material things wrong, they have at least made a token effort at not being completely in the tank with the hard left communist fascists.

The election has left the Republican Party reeling, its base shrunk to those Southern, Plains and Mountain West states where rural cultures still predominate.

Don't fail to hear the superior SNEER in the word "rural" there. I've posted the map several times already, so refer to it as needed. Also refer to the rule of 8 - unless you're wildly successful (which requires firm dedication to the precepts of the constitution and personal liberty) you get 8 years and that's pretty much it. McCain was dead in the water and only the presence of Palin saved him from a much more dire fate in the election. Rightly so - as has been stated, he's like one of those insects that only lives long enough to reproduce so the species can survive. So thank you for ONE thing, McCain. Well, ok, two.

The party's smarter strategists are arguing that the worldviews of the social conservatives and free-market extremists who dominate the GOP are either irrelevant or ridiculous to voters in the middle of the political spectrum.

Free-market "extremists" (sneer sneer.) Bullshit. You either have a free market or you don't. It has been and is the only hope for ending poverty and hunger worldwide, it is the engine through which ALL who are willing can prosper or at least have their needs met, and your thieving schemes do not impress me and are inconsistent with liberty. Just because YOU believe that is irrelevant does not make it so, and we are through listening to you preach that it is - you have awoken the sleeping giant, and you're going to be reminded painfully of that fact for a long time.

"We can't be obsessed with issues that are not the issues that are important to American voters," Jim Greer, chairman of the Florida GOP, told the New York Times.
"Obsessed" (sneer sneer) - yes, if you consider liberty an UNIMPORTANT thing that people are "obsessed" with, you've got it partly right. Many of us will die rather than submit to having our liberty forcibly removed or fraudulently removed. Or did you miss Patrick Henry in your public school indoctrination? I daresay you did. Asshole.

Call off the Republican war on science that kicks in whenever science runs counter to right-wing fundamentalism in religion or economics?

Oops, slight booboo there. First of all, there actually ARE competing scientific theories about all manner of subjects, and you are lying about that fact on many fronts. Most eggregiously you lie about it on the economic front - the closest thing we have to economic LAW is Austrian economics and Monetarist theory - if science is that which accurately PREDICTS, then we have uncovered some very definite economic law. (Natural law can not be invented, only discovered.) In fact, the founders pretty much instituted a society which recognized these laws even before they were fully formed theoretically (I call that prescience, I suppose) and they are the only ones that WORK. Your socialism? Doesn't. It never has, it NEVER HAS and it never will. No matter how hard you try and how fully you implement it (and yes, that HAS been done) it is not going to work, not to eliminate poverty and hunger, not to save people's lives, not to lead to liberty, and not to improve anyone's lives. (Which you falsely claim you want to do.) We have HAD a system which does all of the above, and it ain't yours. We're going to fight to get it back. Hard. And finally, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT WORKS for those goals (which ours does and yours doesn't) because our commitment to our personal liberty is MORE important than pragmatism. My liberty ensures yours just as Lincoln explained - do not tear down MY house and we can ensure that once you build yours it TOO will be safe from violence - liberty leads to liberty just like your fascism leads to fascism.

But together with your allies, you haul truckloads of troglodyte garbage to your flock.

"Troglodyte garbage" (do I need to add a sneer to THAT filth?)

And the way your flock sees it, the modifications that Republicans need to make to become competitive again in American politics -- acknowledging a need for state intervention to make the economy work, backing off the primitive religiosity, embracing a more tolerant pluralism -- amount to nothing less than heresy.

Let's parse this a bit, because it's rife with hate and bile. First off, we do not request or desire YOUR advice as to how to become competitive again in American Politics - our goal is no less than the reinstitution of the Constitution and the restoration of OUR FREEDOM, sir. I don't give a fuck if that ever leads to being "competitive in American Politics" and no one who BELIEVES in it cares about that either. It usually coincides - despite your ridiculous proclamations that conservatives/libertarians need to bend to the will of the left, the fact remains that actual conservatism/libertarianism is almost always competitive in politics, usually in ACTUAL landslides (not like your falsely proclaimed landslide for Obamassiah.) It is NOT the result, it is the principle of the thing - we will not cede our liberty further - not one step further - without a fight to the death. It's that simple. Mock it as much as you wish; it is not about winning elections. Get used to that fact - we "fanatics" are more dangerous than politicians (grin.) But to continue parsing, "acknowledging a need for government intervention to make the economy work"?



Sorry, that was funny. In a sick way. You don't know a THING about economic law, and you just showed what a fucking idiot you are by saying that. I'm not here to educate you on that one - pick up a BOOK you farcical bitch.

To continue parsing, "backing off the primitive religiosity." How DARE you? How fucking DARE you? Who the HELL do you think you are? Do you see, my friends? Do you SEE what contempt these people hold you in? Do you SEE the loathing, do you FEEL it? (And believe me, you don't have to be a Buddhist or a Jew or a Christian to be included in his category of primitive religiosity - he's already made that clear. Believing in free markets is enough.)

You want to see PRIMITIVE RELIGIOSITY you absolute VERMIN? Take a look at the rarely seen video of the stoning - STONING - of the 17 year old Kurdish girl in Northern Iraq by her Kurdish community because she wanted to marry a young man of the "wrong" faith. STONING, you scum, is an up-close and personal way of MURDERING someone which requires a brutality that I can not even begin to fathom, even though I saw it with my own eyes. You have to STAND there and lob hunks of concrete at an innocent young girl UP CLOSE, hear her SCREAM for mercy, watch her fall with blood streaming down her head and body, watch her fall and listlessly try to rise (unsuccessfully) and continue to hurl rocks at her until she's dead...and keep going.

You want PRIMITIVE RELIGIOSITY you FILTHY SUBHUMAN - check out the child-witches of Nigeria where the priests declare 5 year olds to be witches and wizards in order to garner a year's pay from the peasants to "cleanse" them...and when that fails, the children are cast out of their homes to starve to death, or they are brutally murdered.

You want PRIMITIVE RELIGIOSITY you pompous sonofabitch, try THIS. And get the fuck OUT of our conversation. You are not remotely welcome.

Now remind yourselves of this contempt every day, conservatives/libertarians. STOP pandering to race-baiting hatemongers who HATE YOU and HATE everything you believe in. STOP reaching across the aisles and stand for the Constitution, the Declaration, for our personal liberty, and for the free market which is the only hope of the world in regards to hunger, poverty, filth, disease, and early death.

Wake up. Kick that shit OUT of your movement, STOP pandering to it, and stand up for your rights, your freedom, your families, your future and the future of the world. Stand up for the greatest country that has ever existed on the planet. Do. the. right. thing.

By the way, my apologies to my Christian audience who is offended by foul language. I'm sorry, but it's one of those things that happens when FOUL ideas accompany FOUL people into a FOUL environment and try to BEFOUL us all. I've been toning it down, but the hatred of these people is beyond the pale - their hatred for you and yours. I hate them little less, to be honest. So I speak foul. Perhaps future times can be toned down again, but this wasn't one of them. These people are utterly vile, and that's all there is to it.

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