November 11, 2008

Blogging Around

Some good reads and new places to check out.

"When We Are Queen" - two Swiftian Satirical Sisters have a good cautionary tale up right now. Check it out!

Reason just spanked me and millions of others pretty good - on the left and the right. Unfortunately they're spot on with all of it. Ouch!

And the good old standby "Blame Bush" - it's like Poe's Law on Parade, except for the left instead of Christian fundamentalists.

Have fun, and remember to laugh :)

60% of poll respondents said Obama's doing a good job as president. Hehe. 85% say they are stupid media pawns who approve or disapprove of the president based on what the media tells them to think - and don't even know who's president anyway.

Now THIS is just precious:

ED HENRY: What really struck the Obama camp was how gracious President Bush was.

KATIE COURIC: It was one gracious couple welcoming another.

JAKE TAPPER: The Senator remarked how gracious President Bush was.

LISA CAPUTO: They were incredibly gracious.

BOB HERBERT: President and Mrs. Bush were extremely gracious.

GLORIA BORGER: George W. Bush has been incredibly gracious.

JAY CARNEY: President Bush has made this pretty easy by being so gracious.

KYRA PHILLIPS: It's very gracious of President Bush.

RICHARD WOLFFE: Everything we're hearing is that he was very, very gracious.

JOHN HARWOOD: This is President Bush at his best and, being very gracious.

BRET BAIER: ...a visit that aides described as gracious.

FRED BARNES: The Bushes are very gracious and decent people.

CHRIS PLANTE: The Bushes who are very gracious people.

DAVID GERGEN: They are being gracious about it.

MIKE EMANUEL: President Bush has been totally gracious.

ALLAN LICHTMAN: President Bush has been extremely gracious.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Laura and George Bush could not have been more gracious.

PAUL "THE FOREHEAD" BEGALA: The grace, class that the Bushes showed...

CHARLIE ROSE: I keep hearing reports that the President has been very gracious about all this.

BROWN: I think more than anything else he probably for the first time had come to the reality that this is not necessarily an evil person; that you may have a disagreement with his views; you may have a disagreement with his policies but he's really a charming, warm, wonderful human being.

RUSH: "The last two voices you heard were "The Forehead," Paul Begala; and Charlie Rose. Now, this is beyond absurd and it is infuriating. Because whatever you think on policy, all of these people have known for eight years what a decent and gracious man George W. Bush is. They sought to destroy him. He didn't fight back. Now all of a sudden that he's being nice to Obama, he's being nice to The Messiah, "Why, look at what a gracious and decent guy George W. Bush is!" It's another indictment of the unprofessionalism of journalists today."

What did they EXPECT to happen? The Bush people would vandalize the White House and even remove all the "O" keys from the keyboards? Oh, wait.

So they've known all along Bush is a decent man, a gracious man, despite disagreeing with his policies; and chose instead to besmirch and smear him with the vilest charges and slurs possible - the mildest of which were "Hitler" and "evil." Now he's a decent man. I tell you something; I knew that man wasn't an economic conservative from the beginning, and he certainly wouldn't have been my pick. I also knew he would do everything possible to "reach across the aisles" and try to appease the unappeasable hatemongering left, and so he did. But I never once believed he was a consummate liar, an indecent human being, a dishonorable man. And he isn't.

Bush, you've put up with nonstop abuse and media-manufactured "disapproval" for 8 years. You brought hope and comfort to the rescue workers at Ground Zero when you got there (while Clinton walked the streets stopping people to tell anyone who would listen that he had been "that close" to capturing bin Laden, that close!) You have wept with the families of our servicemen and have wept for those lost. You did what you had to do, and you never put your boot up the asses of the people who deserved it. Rest. Rest well. I wish you all the best, sir.


Kat said...

Thanks for this Annie. This is really good. I wish him all the best too.

Larry said...

Your link has been noticed and reciprocated. Nice place you have here.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Why thank you! Hope you drop by often :)

Eema-le said...

Thank you for this. I'm so nauseated by out unbiased media (ROTFL) acting all surprised that Bush didn't spit on the floor as the Obamas entered the White House. While everyone was talking about how the current admin has been working to make this a smooth transition for the past year, I told Rick that maybe Bush should take all the Os of the keyboards. How quickly everyone forgets, so thanks for reminding us :)