November 3, 2008

Obama's Plumbers

Confirmed - "Child Support Snooper" is an Obama max donor. Who didn't know this? Charges have already been filed against people who used government computers to launch a dirt-digging campaign against this guy - let's hope this scumbag gets her due as well. Talk about burying a news story - Palin has been cleared of wrongdoing in the trooper case; at least they waited until the day before the election to report anything on it. I'm surprised they didn't wait until Wednesday, at least. This isn't new, but it's really a dumb quote - "I can. And I think that's the tone that we've set from the beginning of this campaign. I mean, look. Is Sean Hannity suddenly going to get on the air waves and say 'You know, I was wrong about this Obama guy, he's my man.' No, that's not going to happen. I mean's there's going to be a certain wing of the Republican Party that is, you know, dug in and resistant to the notion that we need to change direction." If he's so intelligent - a soooooper genius to hear the left tell it - how is it possible that he doesn't understand what the hell he's talking about here? Senator, is it possible that you BELIEVE that the reason people like Hannity or like myself wouldn't ever vote for you because they DON'T LIKE YOU PERSONALLY? Do you think they say, "Damn, that guy rubs me the wrong way - I just don't like him. No, sir, I won't vote for him"? Because that's not it. At all. It has never been an issue of liking you or not liking you. The fact is, sir, that many of us stand firmly against the things you believe in. You believe in socialistic economics, and many of us know that that way madness and ruin lies. Therefore, such people would never vote for you on that score alone. And did you really think that once people found out what you'd been listening to in church for twenty years - the most vile, hate-filled rants imaginable - and praised the man to the skies - that people would see that and say "God DAMN, but this guy is great - let's vote for him"? How could you possibly think that was going to happen? This isn't Palestine, where you can, like Arafat, say one thing to the Western media about conciliation and peace, then turn around the minute they're gone and say in Arabic that you were going to slaughter every Jew in Israel, and expect to win a peace prize for doing it. You can kick all the news reporters off your plane that you want (as you did the honest news-gathering reporters from papers that had endorsed McCain) to make room for as many HBO spin mockumentaries about you that you want, but that won't stop us from finding out when you go bowling with Pennsylvanians one day and the next when you're with the hip urban people tell them that those bowling idiots were backwards racists bitterly clinging to their guns and religion because they don't like the color of your skin. You were an idiot for thinking that one was going to fly. No, if you lose this you will have no one to blame but yourself and your leftist party - THEY were the only ones who were ever going to vote for you. Conservatives, libertarians, they were never going to vote for you in the first place. Believe me, it's not just a "wing" of the Republican party that won't vote for you - if those people stay home it's because they don't like McCain, not because they ever considered voting for you or your ilk. There are plenty of people who do NOT wish to throw out the constitution and usher in an age of socialist government bent on destroying the United States that has existed for 200 years, and it has nothing to do with whether they LIKE you - it has to do with the fact that you stand for something they are diametrically opposed to, and you can't fool them by pretending now that you don't. So it's a very safe bet that there will never come a day when Mr. Hannity or myself or many many other people will ever vote for someone like you or Hillary - they might stay home because there is not a better option, but they are not going to support you ever. I wish you would understand why, admit it to yourself. Because until you do, statements like that just make me wonder how in the hell you ever COULD have gotten into Harvard. Daily Humor:

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