November 9, 2008

Two must reads. The black death eh? Well, that's a new one.

And for some dearly needed snark - thanks to our friends across the pond!


vesta44 said...

Yeah, I saw that Change4Life one over on Big Fat Blog, and commented on it there. Stupidity runs rampant, indeed. And the "black Death" one, give me a break! Guess what, people, LIFE is fatal, none of us make it out of life alive. Ain't happenin'. And I prefer to die happy instead of mutilated or starved to death or exercised to a fare-thee-well, none of which is ever going to make me thin. So, I will die, in time, whenever Mother Nature decides it's my time to go, and I will live my fat life happily, well-fed, and as healthy as I can be, given what Mother Nature gave me to work with.

Anonymous said...

That Peter Hitchens article was incredible and said what so many knowledgable people are thinking but media here would never dare print.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Glad you enjoyed it anonymous.

Vesta, it's absolutely outrageous. But it's something to look forward to - it'll be a lot cheaper for the government if people just die or can't get cutting edge health care while they spend the little they have on public hate campaigns.