April 3, 2009

Building A Religion - Censored?

Youtube seems to be attempting to censor this video. There's nothing pornographic or otherwise illegitimate contained in it; no nudity or violence...apparently it's just the political beliefs that are a problem.

Please visit Jim Treacher's site to get directions on how to do your own download/upload on your youtube account before they get it taken down all over. I can't do it from this computer, but will try again tonight. Time may be of the essence. By the way, that video is pretty frickin' awesome. The song - where do I know it from??? Was it in Party Monster? It's driving me nuts.


Eema-le said...

It's a Cake song.

AnnieMcPhee said...

How can it be; the Cake is a lie!

Hammer said...

good video.

It's almost as if cake intended it to be about the "one"

AnnieMcPhee said...

Things I just learned - it was the song played during the ending credits of Shallow Hal. IIRC the part where the spina bifida guy is skiing his ass off. No wonder I knew it so well.

Hammer - yeah, whoever edited this did an AWESOME job.