April 11, 2009

TeaBaggin' It - UPDATE

On the positive side, the leftist MSM is FINALLY reporting on the Tea Parties. On the funny side, it's because they're so fucking stupid that they finally caught on to it. You see, they think that we are cretinous morons who never have sex, don't have any sense of humor or irony, aren't "hip" like they are, and so the deliberate choice of slogans like "Tea-Bag Obama before He TeaBags You" or "TeaBag Your Congressman" have completely baffled them. They ACTUALLY believe we have no idea what in the hell the double-entendre means, and that they are making fun of us stupid, frigid, unhip, unironic, humorless TeaBaggers. I mean, seriously, when will they stop showing us how damned STUPID they are? Rachel Maddow, you are really an asshole.

Teabagging update - the newest move to discredit the Tea Party Protests is that they are in fact a Fox News Channel-sponsored effort instead of a movement that has sprung up from the grassroots and that Fox News Channel has since jumped onto the bandwagon of. Because the media has not bothered to COVER the past protests, the ones that have **been going on all along** which are now culminating in the big April 15 protest, they think they can get away with pretending they never happened, that this didn't come from the grassroots, and that in fact, this is some big orchestrated move by the Fox News Channel. Jesse Taylor, uber-moron, is just where I first saw it, but it's spread throughout the leftist internets like wildfire. First, Fox is an asshole for trying to claim any credit for what we, the people have wrought. Second, you leftards are idiots who don't bother to think beyond the most vapid and shallow levels, just spewing lies and the same tired crap without any merit or warrant. No, dipshits, the Tea Parties were NOT spawned out of Fox Media or ANY media at all. They have BEEN going on during this entire abortion you call an administration and it's just that the biggest one is now coming up.

Let me explain something, leftards - WE ARE NOT LIKE YOU. Pause a moment and let that sink in good. WE ARE NOT LIKE YOU. We have not built an entire industry with incestuous bankrolling upon making idiots of ourselves in protests - when you see a gathering of conservatives or other non-leftards protesting something or wanting to otherwise be heard, you are seeing a gathering of INDIVIDUALS who actually, most of them HAVE LIVES OUTSIDE OF PROTESTING AND BEING OUTRAGED ALL THE TIME, who are finally angered to the point of taking time out of their real lives into making themselves heard. We are not bussed in by idiot incestuous heavily bankrolled hate groups like Acorn or any race-baiting groups or eco-terrorists in order to get a photo op, cause violence, and go back to our dorms. In fact, we aren't as heavily schooled in the mechanics of protest as you people are - we tend to live our lives assuming that we have the right to peaceably assemble when we want to, so sometimes we get surprised that there are a whole host of laws that you professional protestors have gotten into place in order to stop honest people from doing so. That there are in fact many hoops now to jump through, that you are used to having your sponsors jump through for you - that, in fact, we don't necessarily just have the right to assemble if we want to. But we're learning, and we're organizing too. Get. used. to. it.


Larry said...

Rachel Maddow would apparently have to study real hard to bring her IQ up to the level of the average douchebag.
The average disposable, empty, USED douchebag.
Someone should tell her that the joke isn't as funny if you have to explain it, but I'm not sure she would understand it.

Hammer said...

she actually had a guest from Air America? Who keeps bailing them out?

Madcow is so full of shit that a laxative would make her disappear.

Valerie said...

So according to Maddow a group of citizens who wish to organize and protest against what they say is bad judgement by the government is worthy of being mocked?

I think Maddow misses the point. The tax day protest is not the doing of the Republican party. It is the doing of concerned conserative minded citizens (Republican, Libertarian and even some moderate Dems) who want to send a message to our ENTIRE government that we aren't taking it anymore. Everyone in Washington needs to pay attention no matter what letter is after their name. That's probably why Michael Steele was told not to speak at the event. It's not a political party's rally. It is OUR rally.

Travis Lee said...

You like that bit where they insinuate that these protests are "linked" with the rightwingmilitia-evangelicalchristians-neonazistormfonters?

Do these knobs REALLY think the protestors are unaware of "tea-bagging"?
I have to admit I was laughing and they seemed practically doing an Onion parody.

BTW, Rachel is still a terrible name for a man.
Sad that his voice is so high, too.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Yes, conservatives and libertarians are totally unaware of sexual innuendo, which is why they hold up a teabag and say "teabag your congressman" while laughing lol.

And Valerie, I *loved* the part where Michael Steele offered to speak for the event and was told it was a good time for him to *listen*! That is positively brilliant! I hope Meghan McCain sits up and takes note too, since she loves to be a rabble-rouser. David Frum and Arlen Specter and all the rest of them might want to pay pretty close attention, too. And Ted Nugent is going to be speaking and performing in San Antonio hehe. There have been tons of circulation about etiquette, and about how *not* to deal with any troublemakers, and everyone is encouraged to be fully armed with video and camera equipment to document what really goes on. The silent majority, the sleeping giant, done been woken up. I find it very encouraging especially at a time when there really is a line being drawn. While they lol at the stupid protestors (as though their stupid code plink and all the other leftist protests aren't either laughable or downright deplorable) we quietly amass and peacefully protest.

It reminds me of the giant protest which was not as important politically but was nonetheless a very big deal when Last Temptation of Christ came out. The studio execs were quite literally hiding in their skyscrapers and very afraid of all the kooky crazy fundies who were amassing outside - it was enormous. They feared riots and violence, but no such thing occurred. There were intelligent and highly respected speakers like Rabbis and level-headed Christian leaders, the people voiced their concerns, their grief, their wish just not to be so denigrated, then just as peacefully dispersed and went home. Michael Medved gives a moving account of it in Hollywood Vs. America. My hope is that this will be just like that, only more important and more vital.

Travis, I actually laughed too - the way they just kept saying it and saying it and laughing...looking dumber each time. Oh jeesh, what tools.

Lexington said...

Interesting that Valerie is the only one of the above commenters who actually take Ms Maddow on on substance.

I happened to meet her once, quite unexpectedly, near her western Massachusetts home, so perhaps I'm a little partial to her, but I always enjoyed MSNBC pairing her with Pat Buchanan to offer insight and analysis throughout the 2008 election; they're each the best their talking head of their respective parties.

So keep it up, Rachel!

AnnieMcPhee said...

Oh, I know what she's about; I just think she's an asshole. And she's making a very big mistake misunderestimating her political opposition; but...it's best that they keep doing that, so I agree - go, Rachel!

Travis Lee said...

Rachel's a MAN, baby!

phthaloblu said...

Wow, I've been out of the loop the last week and it's amazing what you can miss. I'm dying from laughing so hard over this. Can't wait for Wednesday! I agree, just let them keep making asses of themselves. I'm with Annie on the COde Pink crap. Have you seen these people? How can anyone possibly take that seriously. lol!

Eema-le said...

It pisses me off to no end that they imply that anyone participating in these events must be rich. Uh hello, there are plenty of "average" people who aren't into Socialism.

Larry said...

Lexington, I fail to see where "Ms." Maddow HAS any substance. Which does indeed make her the best talking head of her party.
Pat Buchanan is a good example of why many people who may have self-identified as Republicans in the past no longer do so. So, once again, he may indeed be the best talking head of his party.
This, of course, doesn't say much for either party.