April 29, 2009

How it Works

Or, hippie gets schooled. The free hug guy gets punked by a man in a "more cowbell" shirt. Classic.

H/T "I Hate the Media"!

Also, Earth Day predictions from the original Earth Day in 1970. Guess what they have in common? They were all dead wrong. Guess what they have in common with the predictions of 2009? They're the same exact predictions. Fear not the shadow horsemen; they are illusions. And they're always wrong.


phthaloblu said...

OMG! Too, too funny! Love that woman at the end: what can I get for 20? ROTFLMAO!

Kat said...


But now I'm embarrassed cause I love the free hugs folks! Even put it on my blog once :O

I'd probably take my free hug and shed a tear at the sheer kindness of the man and then turn around and pay for the $2 deluxe just to check out the competition! What can I say? I like hugs!!

AnnieMcPhee said...

Nah, don't be embarrassed; it's humor :) Yeah, the happy ending killed me too, pthalo...I imagine all sorts of really sweet things he might have said. I almost bet she got a free kiss :) (Unless she was a shill of course.)