April 9, 2009

Kumar Goes to White House?


Ok that is just my Teddie bear; my daughter took a good shot and sent it off to me.

But seriously, Kumar? The White House Office of Public Liaison blahdeblah whatever. I mean Bork got Borked for smoking weed, Clinton had to lie about his cocaine and weed heydays, and now we have a glass pipe president with the powder barely wiped off his nose and, like, the Halcyon Days of Weed Administration. Harold and Kumar was funny as hell, though. I just think it was grossly unfair that an equally hilarious stoner movie got completely drowned out because of H&K - that movie is Rolling Kansas. Well, that's my opinion anyway. Here's a link to some of the good quotes, though how they missed, "We ALL loved her, she smelled like biscuits!" got left out. So if drugs are cool and acceptable again thanks to the pioneering efforts of guys like Obama and Kumar and a host of others, could we end the drug war and maybe just have some fun like in the 70s now?


Hammer said...

If Obama really legalized it..I might give him praise.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Well there has been talk...it might "stimulate the economy" and since trillions in spending isn't going to do that...who knows, right?

He did just reverse some of the Bush policies concerning medical marijuana in California - but let's keep any praise faint and damning, eh? :D