April 3, 2009


From Hotair:

People criticized George Bush for holding hands with the Saudi king, but holding hands does not signify submission to another’s authority, and certainly not in the manner that Obama’s bow does here. Holding hands is a sign of friendship. And for those who believe that a bow is another sign of friendship, note that Obama didn’t execute a bow like this for the Queen of the UK, and the Saudi monarch doesn’t bother to reciprocate, either.

Far cry from the days when Giuliani refused the 10 million dollar check from the Saudi prince after 9/11 (and was it Maxine Waters or Barbara Boxer who begged the prince to give it to them instead?)

So what did he give the Saudi monarch, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? Eminent domain of Alaska? Because the queen had to put up with his presence and all SHE got was a fucking ipod. With OBAMA'S speeches on it. Now there's a gift for the ages.

They can't have it both ways. If they want to stand, rightly, on the fact that we are Americans and we do not bow/curtsy to any royalty, period then great - I'm all for it. But if you are going to bow so obsequiously before one, and so deliberately skip the bow/curtsy before the other, you're making a statement. A bad one. I don't agree with Hot Air that this as an Obamateurism; I think it was quite deliberate. His loyalties are with the Middle East, not our most loyal allies.


Hammer said...

I agree.

Obama has no loyalty to the US.

Only to marxism, radical islam and everything left of Ward churchill

phthaloblu said...

Tomorrow is Monday so that means it's FOD (Fuck Obama Day). Make sure you tell everyone you know. And those you don't and especially those fuktards that voted for this weak asshole. That bow showed submission and the whole ME knows it.