April 29, 2009

Must-See Video

Haha! Raaaaaacist! New blog to read, yay! I have to try making some of those movies, but I doubt I can do it as good as he/she does :D

On a more serious note, I can't find any pictures of Air Force One buzzing downtown Manhattan. I saw some good footage but I don't see any stills, and looking up Air Force One Manhattan in google images just gets you sneaker pictures. I have some funny captions to put on but I need the pics. I know they're out there. Or stills from the video at least. Anyone know where?


phthaloblu said...

Have you looked on Bambi's website? *snort*

Hammer said...


AnnieMcPhee said...

Holy crap, Hammer. That's...shocking. I don't think Obi-wan's released his 8X10 glossies yet, do you, Pthalo? Gotta add in unicorns, rainbows and the sweet sweet tears of the people first.

phthaloblu said...

Don't forget the crackers!

rushfan said...




AnnieMcPhee said...

Thanks, Rushfan; I needed stills. I got 2 good ones and made 3 funny lols from them. Here are the links:

Here they are. Oddly enough, only the one about Olbie and Maddow got favorited. I'm not sure why, since I think the one with Michele laughing at the people running and screaming was funnier.