April 19, 2009

Unprofessional Reporter Gets Schooled - Hard. Etc.

Well. You could almost feel sorry for her if you didn't remember that she's not doing her job, is a moonbat, a bitch, and a completely unprofessional asshole.

I'm not going into Garofalo's lunatic rant because we've already established that she is a racist, misogynist, bigoted self-loathing narcissist (the last three are her self-description) who hates all black people who don't want her leftist largesse and calls them mentally ill. Any and all accusations she hurls at others regarding racism are null, void, and not worthy of listening to, much less responding to. SHE doesn't get to lecture ANYONE on racism.

In other not-worthwhile but fun news, Marcotte's teeth are gnashing slightly more than usual at the "wingnuts" who protested last Wednesday, and she's come up with a fairly funny post venting her spleen.

It turns out that the wingnuts were utterly clueless about the slang term “teabag”... Somehow, the group of people who never clued into this term---despite the fact that it’s a widely photographed activity, and joked about by everyone from the characters on “Always Sunny In Philadelphia” to “Sex and the City” to John Waters---is the same group of people who think it’s meaningful to protest the existence of taxes as a cover story for throwing a tantrum about having a black President.

She squoze in every moonbat meme (i.e. lie) except how it was all funded by Fox News - nice going, bitch.

So much becomes clear. Of course you’d become a bitter, nasty wingnut who hates everyone and fears the outside world if you can’t even understand the simple pleasures of a dick joke.

Ohh, this was all just a dick joke! Well THOSE are funny! Though if you try to tell a pussy joke to a feminist, they aren't going to find the humor in it, now, are they? (She gives an "example" of just that except her example only proves what I just said, not the converse. Nothing will arouse a feminist's ire quicker than a vagina joke. That's Not Funny!

Childish? I prefer the term “childlike” as in “childlike joy and wonder"

Ah yes, those childlike joys and wonders - blowing soap bubbles, watching an inchworm make his way across a leaf, splashing in rainpuddles, blowing the fluff off of a dandelion, and watching John Waters hang his testicles over Divine's mouth. I can see it like it was yesterday!

"at a world that could produce people who insist that there’s nothing funny about teabagging”

There is, but not when you do it 51 times in 13 minutes. See, when you BEAT THE JOKE INTO THE GROUND and then keep beating it and beating it like it was Kunta Kinte, it's not funny anymore. When you do it only to mock people who you don't think have gotten or will get it, it's not only not funny, it's not a "dick joke" anymore anyway; it's "CONSERVATIVES R DUMMIES! HAHA!" I smiled (at the teabagging part of it) the first 2 or 3 times Maddow said it...and then she kept on, and on, and on, and on...51 times. Yeah, it wasn't funny anymore, even if teabagging were the joke instead of "RIGHTWING NUTBAGS R TEH STUPID! HAHA!"

You shall not make fun of the penis! ...What is wingnuttery if not a cult of phallic worship, and every time you make a dick joke, you are blaspheming their god.

Well. I can't think of anything crazier to use to mock on THAT one, so why don't we just leave it as it is, huh? Blaspheming their god...nope. I'm crazy but not THAT crazy. Moonbats? They are 18 shades of crazy in a single sentence, and ol' Annie here just can't top that.


Cicero said...

I'm not entirely certain what to make of poor people protesting marginal increases on taxes for rich people, or whatever it is, precisely, that they're protesting. America's underclasses are increasingly displaced and marginal – cultural resentment is all that's left available to them. It is, nonetheless, pretty incredible that a bunch of underemployed, overindebted losers form the main public face of anti-Obama, anti-tax, and anti-stimulus animus in this country.

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with availing oneself of the provisions of the welfare state while railing against its political and economic underpinnings. I have not renounced my own first-world lifestyle to protest the fact that it is secured on the backs of the oppressed around the globe.

But on the other hand the participants in this whole preposterous and hilarious teabag business are clearly motivated by the long-simmering need to maintain some vestiges of the tenuous class distinction they imagine exists between themselves and their darker imagined other, so that being down on your luck and collecting food stamps for a while does not make you one of those people.

AnnieMcPhee said...

You sure that's what you meant to say, Cicero? I hope so. I see a drubbing in your future :)

Hammer said...

CNN and youtube are trying to yank that video post haste.

Very embarassing. I wonder why CNN isn't pulling any other broadcasts of theirs.

Travis Lee said...

Hmm so which is it, Cicero?

These protestors are an underemployed, underclass, or the protests (over 2800, at last count) were funded and organized by "the RICH" (can you sneer any more?

There are many issues underlying the TEA protests, but mainly is the widespread perception that government, at all levels is overspending, overtaxing, overregulating, out of control, and NOT listening to US, the people. When the propaganda media, congress, and President Bush were telling us how TARP had to be passed, AND RIGHT FUCKING NOW! when we flooded congress with emails and phone calls, they simply turned off the phones and servers.

I hope the politicians are paying attention to the TEA partiers, because if the DHS report casting virtually all NORMAL people as suspicious characters who area danger to the state, is any indication, the present regime means to establish one party socialist totalitarian rule, PERMANENTLY, unhindered by such nuisances as free elections, citizen owned firearms, and vocal dissent either on the street or on radio airwaves.

Go ahead and laugh, Cicero.

We have all the guns.

Eema-le said...

I can appreciate low brow humor, I love "dick in a box" it's brilliant. However, there is a time and place for this sort of thing. I don't understand why primtime, supposedly credible "journalists" would beat this "dick joke" to death. Seriously, they're like a bunch of dumb middle school kids who found a dirty cartoon. Grow the fuck up, and at least pretend to be professionals.

phthaloblu said...

You hit the nail on the head. They are just showing how immature they really are. Again. Gawd, I get so bored watching them try to be so clever. The need to get a hobby. Mine is driving fast cars and shooting guns. *smirk*

dmarks said...

Cicero asked: "I'm not entirely certain what to make of poor people protesting marginal increases on taxes for rich people"

That wasn't happening here at all, since the Obama taxes affect everyone. Especially his proposed gasoline taxes which will cause another fuel crisis like last summer.

"I have not renounced my own first-world lifestyle to protest the fact that it is secured on the backs of the oppressed around the globe."

That is not true either.

"...hilarious teabag business are clearly motivated by the long-simmering need to maintain some vestiges of the tenuous class distinction..."

Sorry, the "class warfare" proponents are found on the other side.

Travis Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AnnieMcPhee said...

COPYRIGHT VIOLATION? Are you fucking kidding me?

Um...COVERUP violation MORE LIKE IT. Now someone tell me how I can upload a copy of that so I can keep showing it. It's a fucking travesty that that should have been disappeared! Chickenshit pieces of cock.

phthaloblu said...

C'mon, Annie, tell us how you really feel. "Chickenshit pieces of cock"? I owe you a beer or three for that one, girlfriend.

Travis Lee said...

Here is a FOX interview with that video as part of it

Smell the truth smell it! smell it.