April 22, 2009


On the same day I find out that the aftermath of that unprofessional bitch reporter's actions were FALSELY removed due to a NON-copyright violation (how the hell did they convince anyone it was their footage when it was a third party? Who paid who off to get it taken down? The purge, it begins...) I come across this piece, which frankly makes me feel filthy. I mean Happy Days, OK...why not? It's from Happy Days that the term "Jump the Shark" even originates so it's OK to use it to any ill ends. Oh, hell, whatever, I don't have so many fond memories of Andy Griffith either. I always thought he was an asshole for not carrying a gun, and the one guy who DID was a complete buffoon who always shot himself in the foot. I still feel dirty, but not for the reasons I originally thought. Opey - you just go on back to Mayberry, why don't you - or your imagined Mayberry of Europe. After all, they can only live in Mayberry because we defend the whole fucking lot of them.

In a brief note on this nonsense in which the so-called "torture memos" were released without the accompanying memos on the invaluable information that was gathered as a result of enhanced interrogations (not torture, sorry) - including the PREVENTION of Wave 2, planned and operational to attack the left coast - I heard someone make a really excellent point. Two (possibly 3) of the prisoners were waterboarded; problem with the "War Crimes" kooks is that waterboarding is not even legally torture. If they were so gung-ho on prosecuting Cheney et. al. for torture and war crimes for putting a caterpillar in with a detainee - an ENEMY COMBATANT - then why don't they go ahead and MAKE waterboarding illegal and make it torture legally? They could do it in a heartbeat. So why aren't they doing it?

Because that would prove what we've known all along, that it WASN'T illegal and it wasn't TORTURE to begin with. To make it illegal/torture now would put the nail in that coffin, wouldn't it now? Not that the memos shouldn't have DONE that already. Non-issue, move on. Next person to say war crimes gets dismissed as a mere, worthless nutjob, a hysteric with nothing real to say.


phthaloblu said...

Ya know, I grew up with boys. My cousins were my extended family. And you know what happens to younger girls when they hang around older brothers, or in my case, older boy cousins? Stop it, you filthy bastards, I wasn't talking about THAT! I'm talking about getting dunked in the pool, then pulled back up and dunked again and again until you either manage to kick them in the balls and get away, or you scream uncle like they want you to, so they'll let you go. And guess what? I don't have any PTS and it didn't happen just to me. Ask any girl that had older brothers or cousins. (sarc on) I feel so, so sorry for those poor, poor terrorists for having water run over their face until they screamed uncle! (sarc off) Guess little girls are way tougher than big bad ass terrorists, huh?

AnnieMcPhee said...

I accidentally made two of these posts - so in deleting the second I figure better repost the comment it generated; this is from Travis Lee:

It is better than even money that any actor, director, producer or screeen writer in the film industry leans left.

I thought the Opie commercial for Obama was just over the line for me, and I doubt I can ever bring myself to pay money for a Ron Howard movie again.

I hardly ever go to see movies anymore, they seem unable to make movies on ANY topic without throwing in indoctrinating messages or wink-winks to their lefty hollywood friends.

I'm just sick of them all.