April 22, 2009

Q: Why Won't the "News" Show This?

A: They look even dumber when they mock such eloquence.


phthaloblu said...

I saw this on Michelle Malkin's site. She's a very good public speaker. Much more personable than Janeane I-had-no-friends-in-high-school Gawdawfulo.

Travis Lee said...

Got off welfare?
Went to college?

Obviously a sell-out race traitor.

Kat said...

Inspiring. She's my new girl hero. Somebody needs to put her on a ticket. Palin perhaps. It'd be pretty cool to send a couple of street smart, no nonsense girls to DC to whup some a$$ and clean up the place.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Kat, my first thought was "Put her on a ticket" as well :) I love her - smart, hard-working, articulate - she and Palin would totally kick ass!