October 10, 2008

Assorted Nuts

"ACORN Has Been Implicated In Similar Schemes In 14 Other States - Including Ohio, Where A Worker Traded Crack Cocaine For Fraudulent Registrations." (Editorial, "Another ACORN Scandal," New York Post, 7/13/08) The price sure has gone up for fake votes. It used to be a pack of smokes, now you have to make with the rock! They were talking with some volunteers who were driving people to the early voting (vote early and often!) and asked one who she was voting for - Obama, naturally. They asked if she tried to get the people she was driving to vote for him too, and she said of course she did. They asked "You mean you tell them who to vote for?" And she said "Yes, for Obama, it's time for a change." Then, apparently to let her realize what she had just admitted to, they spelled it out for her, "So are you telling me that instead of trying to just get people to vote, you're actively trying to get votes for Obama?" and she sort of screeched and said "No, I'm just trying to get them to vote - now I have to GO girl" and she fled. It was pretty funny actually. Then a couple of college girls were looking around their campus for the community activists working for the "Get out the Vote" type orgs and thinking they were going to be canvassing the students around the campus and trying to get them out. Except what they actually found was that the activists were rounding up homeless people and getting them to register with temporary addresses. But there's no chance anyone would give them cigarettes or crack to vote for a specific candidate, I'm sure. You can see the video on Greta van Susteren's site - the one called Palestra I think. Like I say the interview was pretty funny. It's kind of a shame - back in the early 90s I remember laughing at the ACORNS - dressed up in silly costumes to protest some stupid thing or other; bussed in and paid to do so (I don't think I realized they were paid by us, at that point), with their antics and their angry signs. Now here they come after the white house, with greedily open hands (there's bailout money comin'!), still being paid by us to perpetrate massive voter fraud and gain the white house. What the hell? I want the good old days back when I can just laugh at them. Well hell, maybe I just will anyway. Sure maybe I'll end up being waterboarded for it, but I can laugh in the meantime. If we really have sunk so low that such a thing can happen, I'm gonna have to laugh plenty anyway. How long does it take to utterly destroy the greatest Republic on the face of the Earth? We'll know if the answer is "221 Years" in another few weeks. Don't get me wrong - the opponent is a sign of doom too - two socialists is the choice we get - but between winning in Iraq and the energy plan, and the possibility of a future Palin presidency, there could be a temporary resurgence that might buy us enough time for truly rebuilding the country according to that thing, that...you know, that thing that matters - THE CONSTITUTION, that's what. Dream big, Dreamboat Annie :)

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