October 14, 2008

Those Angry Mobs

Yeah I've seen the videos - I've posted some here. Lots of lies going around about them - hell, right in the video, the leftist couldn't get it straight that the person had said "He associates with terrorists" rather than "He is a terrorist" and many times over, he directly lied about what the people had JUST SAID. We heard a man's impassioned plea to McCain that "We are angry!" and McCain trying to calm them by lying and saying that Obama would be a fine president, blah blah. I wonder why these people are angry? Could it be because from the media, and from pretty much all leftist corners, all they get is THIS shit? I'm not even a Republican and I'm pissed. There isn't a hint of the desire for fairness in the leftist blogosphere or even in the mainstream media. They aren't even pretending to be objective - even the ones who claim they are. If McCain had a close and long-standing political association with someone who had bombed an abortion clinic (hey, that was a LONG TIME AGO!) you really think people would be taking up for him this freaking hard, and pooh-poohing the whole thing? If instead of ACORN voter registration fraud and "votes for smokes" you had RECORN (I made that up) doing massive voter registration drives and committing fraud while doing it, do you seriously think the left would be trying to act like it was nothing, like it was OK, and "Hey, after all, voter REGISTRATION fraud does NOT cause VOTE fraud, duh." Are you freaking kidding me? (No, seriously, I just read that one today.) You look at that video from Sept. 21 and you tell me. Tell me if you're self-deluded or if you actually have your eyes open here. This is so far beyond ludicrous that I'm ashamed to be of the same damned species. Where the hell has logic GONE? Intelligence? Basic decency? It's so far beyond the pale it's almost impossible to live with.

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