October 22, 2008

Too Brilliant

On a more sober note I remember during 2000 the Gore fans screaming bloody hell that the next election had to be NO MORE PAPER BALLOTS - the ONLY chance for a fair election would be ELECTRONIC VOTING...naturally the very next election, with electronic voting, the Republicans were tampering with the machines and stealing votes from whoever the hell was running at the time. Now people are claiming that the machine is simply "turning" their vote from Obama to McCain, magically. And they're demanding...paper ballots. Dimples, chads, butterflies and all that. I called that one 8 years ago. I called it before it ever happened. I called it over and over. Good lord, how short are the attention spans of the mediasprites in the United States. A contario sensu below - WHAT AN IDIOT!


Eema-le said...

I just hope that all the fake registrations etc. don't keep people away from the polls. It's frustrating to think that the Dems will be able to cheat their way into office, again (let's not forget the voter fraud in Illinois that got Kennedy elected).

AnnieMcPhee said...

How could I forget? It ALMOST happened in 2000. Yet AGAIN after the Kennedy win. It could happen now; it happened 40 years ago and now it's happening OPENLY and people don't care. "Nooooo, voter registration fraud DOES NOT lead to voter fraud" - duh. Like in the last election where 6th graders were being led into the polls to cast the 'votes' that belonged to fraudulent voters. Um...what the HELL would be the point of registering countless fraudulent voters if they couldn't come up with the votes? What about the vans driving around saying "Here are a pack of smokes/a gram of coke/a bottle of scotch if you just take this ballot and go VOTE - for OUR candidate."


Will it keep Republicans away? Yes. It always does. Will it swing the vote? Who the hell knows. We'll find out.