October 8, 2008


Fulfill your black and hideous dreams of an Obama presidency - oh how ugly they may be. I remember gas lines and I remember the hostages and I remember the MORON who would be president. Let him be one again. Except this time with ACORN connections. Four years of that will cure the dumbest of you of your dreams, mark my words. You will grow up and if not you will realize that the rest of us have. We will survive. And then we shall see a new day dawn, because there is no choice. Economic devastation will drive you to it. McCain is a weakling (no offense to his survival of torture but he is now). At the end of that time I pray we will see a President Palin or perhaps someone we haven't thought of. For now enjoy your folly.

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Anonymous said...

Times like these --- when hope is lost --- are tough.

But WE will survive. And when the country is gasping for air under suffocating taxes and regulations, when liberty is a forgotten dream to which a few bitter people still cling, we will either be broken or brought out. Let's hope it's the latter.