October 23, 2008

Guilty as Hell, Free as a Bird, What a Great Country

It's just a little genocide. Who cares? All in the name of human rights, world peace, love and a shared community. Heh.

He's now (and has been) a "respectable" (strange choice of word, but OK) education person, spreading Marxism, anarchism, and anti-Americanism to children. Which is a perfect Alinski move - that's what you do; you don't destroy the institutions with bombs, you infiltrate them, become part of them, lead them, and render them meaningless. Really the only thing that irks me about this is that the left is CONSTANTLY portraying themselves as the downtrodden underdog outsiders, the "counter-culture" railing against the entrenched patriarchal white masculine establishment that oppresses them, and the reality is that you're no counterculture anymore. You ARE the establishment. You ARE the dominant paradigm. If you want to subvert the dominant paradigm, you've got your work cut out for you because the dominant paradigm IS your brand of subversion - you're going to have to eliminate yourselves to subvert the dominant paradigm now. I even heard a feminist saying feminism doesn't have access to the mainstream yet - girl, you and your ilk OWN the mainstream and the institutions, along with your buddies like Ayers and all the leftover 60s radicals you want to emulate.

Actually at the end of that video there is a link to a buttload of excellent videos. Go watch them.

________________________________________________________________________ In the meantime, I'm going to tell you a funny story - and it's true. It's true on a pretty big scale, I might add. Big enough that you just might not need to worry so much about the voter fraud by which Obama plans to steal this election just like Kennedy did in 1960.

It concerns polls. Now I do spend some time on the largest conservative message forum on the internet, and this is pretty universal there. Today, my husband encountered it en masse in real life. He was working with thousands of men, most of them contractors from out of state. He was shocked because the parking lot was full of McCain/Palin stickers, and you just don't see that in New Jersey. Of course he quickly realized they were mostly out of state contractors.

So they're working, and he's talking to some veterans and some other men about this election, only this time he isn't getting furious, because they're sane. One veteran from Florida says he had already put in his McCain/Palin vote in Florida. "But I told them I voted Obama."

You mean, they asked you on the way out who you voted for and you said Obama?

"Yes, I always do that. Everybody I know does that. Always have. And lemme tell you something, I have a lot of friends, a lot of veterans, and THEY have a lot of friends, and everyone we know of does it too."

Everyone at the internet community not only does that, but some have managed to continue to be the people who get polled - you don't often get called if you're a registered Republican, but if you're a registered Dem you have a good chance of being polled. In order to ensure that the polls keep coming their way, they not only register as Dem, they always answer the polls as if they're supporting the Dem candidate with their vote. In the straw polls, in the exit polls - everywhere but in the voting booth.

So all I'm saying is, conservatives have been doing this a long time, and a LOT of them do it. Don't let these polls to get you too worried. Of course the voter fraud could still take it, but remember, it has to be pretty close to be able to cheat successfully, and it just might not even be that close. Get out there if you're voting and don't let the fact that they've been trying to CALL the election for the past 2 months stop you, discourage you, from getting in your own ballot.

Let not your heart be troubled :)

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Kat said...

Great post. Gonna go watch those videos now. Haven't seen ya at my blog in a while. Come on over. I did another Palin post...lightweight stuff, but fun to write! Take care.