October 29, 2008

"I Chose My Friends Carefully"

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets."

There is probably some context in which this statement can be taken another way. I can't imagine what, but it's theoretically possible. There is another thing I wasn't very aware of; I tend to, as I've said before, immerse myself in deliberately far-leftist blogs and sites to see what they're on about, so it seems I may have lost sight of how desperately far left the mainstream media has gone itself.

This one on the redistribution audio is a particularly eggregious example.

"On closer inspection, the "bombshell audio" turns out to be a rather wonkish, somewhat impenetrable, discussion of the Supreme Court under Earl Warren. Obama, then a University of Chicago law professor and Illinois state senator, argued that the courts have traditionally been reluctant to get involved in income distribution questions. He suggested that the civil rights movement had made a mistake in expecting too much from the courts -- and that such issues were better decided by the legislative branch of government."

Didn't pay much attention, did you? If you had, you wouldn't have confused the legislative branch with the administrative branch. Ass. If he thought it was a legislative issue he would have been happier as a senator than running for the branch that he thinks can and should be engaging in the redistribution.

"In other words, Obama says pretty much the opposite of what the McCain camp says he said."

Actually, they were spot on. See, I actually listened to and read it, and unlike you who think it was wonkish and who couldn't "penetrate" (i.e. understand) it, I understood what he said. It wasn't that hard - he was being more honest at the time. Remember, he chose his friends well - the Marxist professors and the radical associations, the Alinski-style politics - and some of us know what Alinski taught. Obama learned it well. If you understood it, you are lying about it now, but perhaps you didn't. Also, can we dismiss this nonsense that McCain dug up this audio and publicized it? It was all over the net before McCain or his "camp" said a thing about it - we all heard it for ourselves and heard it loud and clear. No one needed McCain to interpret it for us, you get it? WE CAN HEAR IT FOR OURSELVES. A private citizen dug that up - something you, the press should have been doing all along, but didn't - and it made its way to McCain. He'd be an utter fool not to say anything about it; and believe me, he's being a lot nicer about it than he should be, or than any of us are. So can we get real here?

I am not even going into Khalidi at present - the L.A. Times reported that they have the tape, and they refuse to release it. Obama then gets away with outright denials of any relationship with the guy, despite describing a very close relationship openly in the past. I realize the media has been left-leaning for a long time - since at least the late 60s early 70s and likely before that - but decided that if talk radio and the internet were going to exist, they might as well dive in headfirst and not just bathe in the muck but generate more of it. It's not only jolting, it's disheartening. I have often seen the far left profess to "love" this country, but that love to me seems to be of the same type the little boy had for The Giving Tree. MANDATORY READING on this topic - and naturally I've been beaten to it, it's already been done, and it's already been done BETTER than I could. Thanks, Andy lol. Unbelievably smug quote today: "We might just turn to you, and in a voice that sounds just like a “real” American voice, destroy your fragile faith by saying, “Have you ever considered that if god is all powerful and all good, then there shouldn’t be evil in the world?" My non-God, NO - no no no, for all that is holy, NO - we have NEVER thought of that, because as you smart people know, we don't THINK at all - and now that you have mentioned it, my faith is destroyed. You pompous asshole. Daily Humor: Obinfomercial Outtakes Trick Or Treat Obama Parody


kat said...

Unbelievable stuff. Just unbelievable. Thanks for all your hard work on these posts. I've been so busy that I haven't kept up with stuff like I should. Just watching some cable news when I have time. Appreciate you doing what you are doing.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Hey, thank YOU for reading when you can :) To be honest, I can't seem to help writing them :O