October 8, 2008

Back to Sugar Candy Mountain

So what if the crow says it doesn't exist; I say it does. And it's time to stop being so gloomy and look forward to it. Squealer is doing what he does (better than ever I'd say) and the sheep are doing what they do - we can't feign surprise here. Some of the chickens will squawk when more and more of their eggs are removed before being allowed to hatch - we promised them it wouldn't be so - but they're just chickens. No one of note. More and more states are reporting rampant voter fraud - complaining of homeless and derelicts selling their votes to ACORN for a pack of smokes or some dinner - get real, you think that's new? It's SOP. And you know what? It didn't start this century. Or last. Before I head off to sugar candy mountain for a bite and a short respite, I'm gonna share some secrets with you about what's happened in elections gone by. You decide if they aren't as bad as electing a man who's cozy with an unrepentant domestic terrorist and who hates this country to the core of his being. 'Cause I'm not so sure. 5 Elections that Sucked More Than This One When you have a smile on your face, come back too. We're gonna ride the rest of this one out laughing :)

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