October 19, 2008

That Kooky Fringe

I saw an Obama supporter trying to make a subtle (well, not really - just unspoken) implication that Todd Palin was un-American and possibly dangerous, due to his involvement with the "fringe secessionist" party, the AIP. It seemed to be a counter to the very obviously disturbing relationships that have existed for many years between Obama and the dangerous and frightening characters that he has insisted on being close to (Wright, Ayers, Pflager or what-the-hell-ever, Khalidi, ACORN and so on ad nauseum.) Of course the "journalist" who mentioned it is far from unbiased (for example, when you refer to a quick stop at WalMart for diapers as "stumping" we all know what you're doing, as well as implying they're abusive for bringing their daughter to rallies - neglecting her schooling and exposing her to ZOMG scary dangerous racists) but still, my goodness, is it possible that the party in question is some lunatic fringe, the type who might bomb the Pentagon, bomb police stations, preach sermons so full of rage that they sound demonically-possessed (God DAMN America!) and be a security threat to the rest of us? I had thought sure it was just liberty-loving people who just wanted to be left the hell alone, and maybe to get the vote that was promised to them in 1958. Yeah, what a lot of baloney. Carl Sagan would be stymied. For your edification, here is the Alaskan Independence Party's Platform - Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh - scaaaary! Creeeeeepy! Fringe!!!! If it's fringe, that's only because the majority of US Citizens today has been utterly brainwashed by ever-increasing encroachment upon their lives by all levels of government - whether "giving" or "taking." Interesting, they have also supported a Constitution Party candidate for US President. Very interesting because except for a very limited number of issues, I think the Constitution Party is *excellent.* I'd vote that way, if ever the two-party hold could be broken. I guess you could call the Constitution party "fringe" too, but only if you want to include every founding father in our entire history under the category "fringe." Apparently some very sound ideas will be labeled kooky fringe ideas...well, if you happen to have a socialist/Alinski disciple for a candidate who has associated with the extreme and openly anti-American fringe, and you have to save face by pointing the finger back. "You're a towel." "No, YOU'RE a towel!" It's all they've got left. No you're a towel
Ok, well that and spin. See above and see "Michelle Malkin says it’s not because of his race, it’s just because of all the black-ass liberalism they share." Wow that's terrible. She said that? Oh, wait, she totally didn't. "It’s a mistake, though, to attribute Powell’s endorsement primarily to some kind of race loyalty. It’s Obama’s social liberalism, not his skin color, that attracts Powell most." Insert the Paul Shanklin parody, "Spinnin' spinnin', spinnin' the lies away!" Heh

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