October 31, 2008

Tito the Builder

"Tito came onto the national stage last week when he showed up at a Virginia rally for McCain and started launching on the news media, demanding to know if he was going to be investigated too and that he had brought his papers." I just saw this guy on Hannity and Colmes, and he really finally got to talk - he was phenomenal. I love listening to him; and his perspective on foreign countries like Venezuela, Obama's desire to connect with Chavez, and how we ought to look at the lack of liberty they have there and wonder what will happen to our own under a man like this, was terrific. His comment to the press on how he's from Colombia and he knows how the press works when they're NOT honest, hide things and refuse to inform the people (countries where, unlike this one, there is no freedom of the press - and here we are WITH freedom of the press and they refuse to do their jobs) is really inspiring. He also made a hilarious comment when they complimented his glasses - after explaining that he actually has a problem with his eyes, he then said that they were really there to intimidate Colmes. I'd be lying if I said part of it wasn't hearing someone with such a rich and pleasant accent praising this country and its values. Before you complain, I feel the same about most accents, and about almost anyone who comes to this land of opportunity and loves what the US has to offer. In addition to my Palin crush, which has ended up strengthening as I've kept seeing further evidence that she is a lot smarter than I imagined at first (I realize a lot of people who had crushes on her have cooled a bit, but the people who are meeting her sure haven't - just ask Tina Fey) I have to say I have a crush on Tito too now. Go Tito :) Daily Humor, albeit kind of black - it's funny because it's so stupid: Global Electoral Vote - as determined by online voters who happen to read the Economist (which is unfortunately a terrible misnomer). Because I'm sure that impoverished people in India not only have internet access, but read the economist and are closely following the US election. Predictably stupid results. The explanation is here, and it's unfortunately even dumber and (in a blacker way) funnier than the map itself. Because it's really not dumb AT ALL to give all 195 countries of the world a say in our country's elections. Also - yes, it is possible to lose the popular vote and win the election (though it's not a given that that's ever happened) - there's a REASON FOR THAT. The REASON for that is because the founders not only were four-square AGAINST Democracy (which they called Mobocracy) but they also wanted to avoid the tyranny of the cities against the extremely important but less populous heartland - the real producers, the farmers and so forth. It was not MEANT to be a mere popular vote. I've never seen the reason for the electoral college so graphically represented as I did here - in the county-by-county map of the Bush election. Urbanites with no stake in the land do not get to tell the rest of the peons how it's going to be without an equalizing force - and that's the electoral college.

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