October 15, 2008

On Not Being Alone

It may seem like I'm probably one of these people devouring hour after hour of Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but not especially. It's not exactly hard to have an original thought when this stuff is so damned obvious. But I sometimes think it really is an original thought when it's just plain common sense - the reality is I bury myself in the leftist media and can't believe how they don't see the obvious. So when I see or hear someone saying exactly what's in my mind, it's always a little surprising - even when, as I say, it's so damned obvious that a child would have seen it. With that in mind, I heard a woman say this today on the radio and it's pretty much exactly what I said yesterday - and how is it that everyone is not saying exactly this? How could you possibly say anything BUT this? "I mean I think if McCain just came out and said, "Listen, do you think if I started off my political career in an unrepentant abortion bomber's living room, would the press give me a free pass?" You know, he's gonna think that Obama would go, "Oh, I was only eight." Gee. Was that so hard? And to be really honest, you'd have to be brain dead to not see all of this, and I don't believe that McCain is that. damn. stupid. He has to know how much the media hates him. While it's disappointing to not see him say the obvious, I think there's also a kind of courage there that I didn't want to see before. The courage to really bend over and take it up the ass because you love the country that much and don't want to see it in the hands of people who want to destroy it. If he can keep taking it and never say anything, I'm going to like him a little more than I did. Because I've been pretty hard on him myself. Maybe I was wrong. Either that or he really is braindead. I can't be sure. And really I can't even blame the left for sort of rolling in Obama's dirt and being stoked about it - they've got themselves a guy who can openly steal votes and associate with known terrorists and completely get away with all of it - I kind of think I'd be excited too, and even revel in that a bit just like they're doing. And in fact they had not one but two such people - these things go in cycles, and 8 years is really all you get. The only time you get 12 is when you have someone truly revolutionary like Reagan, who took a dead economy and turned it around 180 degrees within months.

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