October 12, 2008

Grasping Straws

Philly sports fans? The same crowd who boos Santa Claus and pelts him with snowballs? This is supposed to bother anyone? Please. Not that the reporting has been close to straight - HuffPo claims "deafening" boos while others merely "resounding" boos and yet others "a mixed reception". One report specifically admits that it's so hard to tell that they *messed with the audio so you could more clearly hear the booing.* Watching the video of Palin, Willow and Piper going out onto the ice, I'd go with mixed reception. In a Philly sports crowd, that's practically an ovation. But I guess it feels good to some people, those who are maybe getting a little desperate now that the whole Rico thing is heating up and there are federal investigations in the double digits regarding Democrat vote fraud and ACORN. And the fact that it's coming out more and more that Obama has associated with ALL MANNER of terrorists and dangerous characters to get where he is - oddly, some people find mentioning this "insulting" and "meanspirited." I find it "good to know." Or if you're into brevity, "true." I think little Piper is a doll, though - it will be nice to have her in the public eye a little bit, to keep seeing pictures of her when her mommy is Vice President (or if we have to wait until 2012, President) - even though there will always be lowlifes to say terrible things about her. There was a time when the people of this country had the class not to speak ill of presidential children, but that time passed with Amy Carter, so I can't complain extra now. The link deserves its own post - but I'm not doing it. It is NOT from a conservative point of view - lots of Hillary supporters involved. And it's really long, very involved - but keep your eyes open. This RICO/ACORN/Democrat vote fraud thing is going to bust WIDE OPEN - there are going to be indictments. The left isn't going to be able to hide from this for long. So if booing a few little girls makes them feel better now, I won't even complain. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess. UPDATE: Looks like Obama campaign has been DIRECTLY implicated in the fraud now - not just ACORN anymore! Let the indictments roll!

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