October 4, 2008

Hang on Until Tomorrow!

Heh**. Anyway, today I had a tooth pulled and I'm totally frigged up with excruciating pain (waiting for the percocets to kick in already - if not, MORE) but tomorrow promises some very interesting post material. First, I'm going to see An American Carol by the same Zucker who made Airplane! so THAT ought to be hilarious and fun and also quite interesting. Nice counterpoint to the pompous piece of shit Maher released the same day (Religulous). Second, Sean Hannity has finally completed the journalistic investigation that the MSM REFUSED to do on Obama, and will be dishing up ALL the information on the treasonous, highly dangerous, ACORN-fraud/crime, *terrorist-supporting*, activity (you have heard of Ayers, right?) Obama's been involved in since he could first say "God Damn America." Since the papers are more interested in Bristol Palin's pregnancy or whether the mayor of Wasilla ever had a hypothetical discussion with her librarian, it's about time someone did some real investigation on Obama. What we already know is enough to frighten any rational person (or at the least prove him utterly unfit for any high office in this country) this should really take care of even the dumbest ones. It won't, but it should. So I'll have two fun things to write about tomorrow, hopefully, and maybe my lower jaw won't be exploding out of my freaking head. A demain mes amis et amies! **In case you want to argue, it was funny, but yes I know that is hardly all there is to it. From the Big Bang (the expansion was of both matter and time) onward. So let's not debate a humorous slogan, eh?

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