October 2, 2008

It's Official - The Press Isn't Even *Pretending* to Be Objective Anymore

If it hasn't been patently obvious for the last 30 years, there is left not a shred of even the pretense of objective reporting or journalism left. So I'm not even going to concern myself for another moment that "but NBC says" and "ABC says" and any other BS press concern you might throw at me. So don't bother. I was recently told by an alleged journalist that my skepticism about the mainstream media outlets was rather paranoid, that in reality there is no conscious bias (or, presumably, unconscious)and all evidence to the contrary, no matter how ubiquitous, was just a matter of my own misunderstanding. I will no longer entertain such statements, but simply spit upon them and laugh uproariously. Ptooey. Haha! In about the most depraved move I could have dreamed up (actually I couldn't have) NBC decided to air a report for the sole purpose of discrediting McCain's 5+ years of torture in the Hanoi Hilton. It was a recycled BBC report in which the former prison director communist torturer was interviewed, and claimed that he and John would spend their days in fierce but friendly debate about the war, and their evenings sipping tea and chatting one another up. McCain supposedly taught him to speak English and gave him pop quizzes. No word on who knocked his teeth out. No word on why this man who had learned English required a translator for the interview. He then claimed that McCain is making all this up to get elected president. No word on why he was saying it for the first 20 years. The BBC added a note that it might not be the best thing to take as read the word of a former prison director communist torturer, still speaking in the confines of a tightly controlled communist media - not that that stopped them doing it. NBC omitted this caveat from their rehash of the report, instead choosing to leave the impression that McCain is the worst sort of scum, imagining 5 years of torture and using his fake story to gain the presidency. The next time someone mentions the word "Swiftboat" to try to discredit a conservative or bolster a leftist, I wish them to be hoist by their own petard and have a few years at the mercy of our kind communist prison directors behind closed doors. The media has closed off any possibility of being considered legitimate from this point forward; a byword to all humans of goodwill, and a bane to the freedom of information. No quarter. None.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, disGUSTing. You hear this made-up recycled lying tripe reported by "objective" and "serious" media outlets in the US, yet you never hear a story/investigation of Obama's time with ACORN and the infamy surrounding that organization, which can be verified through non-biased sources, and to which Obama himself has owned up.

Ptooey, indeed.