October 12, 2008

It's a Bungle Out There

I found something at Pandagon; now in a place that *excels* at going over the top, around the bend, and beyond the pale, it's not easy to find something that stands out. This did, for its stunning mixture of arrogance, stupidity and ignorance.
"The resurgence of ugly right wing populism reminds me of one of the more amusing ironies that makes liberals feel superior, which is the disconnect between Springsteen (humongous liberal) and the right wing leaning of so many working and middle class white people who relate to his music. It’s a microcosm of this major frustration---they can get so close, identifying the forces that make their lives harder, and yet can’t make that final leap into realizing what has to be done to make it better, instead pouring out their bitterness into a vote for Republicans."
That's so rife I don't know where to start. Holy shit. Right wing populism never went anywhere. So cut it out with the assertions. Also, it's only ironic to you because you misunderstand it. In reality there's nothing ironic going on. But of course we know you're a *little bit superior*; you wear your feeling of young urban superiority like those quietly desperate people you loathe wear workboots. All the time and twice on Sunday. On to your non-irony. Springsteen is not one of the people he sings about. He might have been, once.

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