October 1, 2008

Where Are Obama's Truth Squads on This?

I guess they (Obama's Truth Squads) only care about their version of the truth, not the actual, you know, truth. Because here comes the 85,000-member National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association with this lovely (and by lovely I mean disgusting and false) ad - nary a truth squad in sight to combat the tired old debunked lies in this one.

First up "Billed Sexual Assault Victims for Rape Kits." Status: false. There is no record of a single victim (and actually there only was a single victim in the few years in question) ever being billed for a rape kit. "

Asked Wasilla librarian about banning books." Asked. If I were curious about book-banning (considering it's an important topic for politicians to understand - the history of it, how people have attempted it, etc.) I might ask a librarian too. Except not now, since apparently even asking about the topic is cause for persecution. "

Used power of governor's office for personal vendettas." Status: False. Internal documents have proven rank and shocking insubordination in the case of the commissioner who was *transferred*, not fired. And to be honest I'm not about to get very weepy because some wife-beating cop who tases little boys might have gotten the axe he so rightly deserved. It's about time to stop shielding abusive cops behind their badges. "

Opposed the Bridge to Nowhere earmark then kept the taxpayers' money." Yes, she took a cruise to freaking Jamaica with the money. "Kept" my ass. At any rate, we already know the status on that nonsense. You know what, nurses' union? Eat me. Assholes.

Then there's the bit about the wolves - there's one of those bleeding heart ads about the poor wolves, and how she fought for Alaska to maintain the right to aerially hunt them, because it's necessary for wildlife management in remote Alaskan areas. There are indigenous peoples who count on the moose and other herds, and they were being threatened by wolf packs; thinning out their numbers is a necessary part of wildlife management; doing it by airplane is safest and most efficient. I'm not going to post it; it's stupid, and it's put out to pull on your heartstrings instead of actually discussing WHY it is necessary, or that perhaps, just perhaps, people in a unique wild area like Alaska who have been doing this all their lives just might know a LITTLE bit more about wildlife management than ivory tower assholes who sneer at small towns and only know about the wildlife they read of in their college PETA-approved textbooks or by watching Legally Blonde 2> Spare me.

The ad also claimed she wants creationism to be taught in public schools; and in the parts of the Couric interviews we DON'T see publicized (because the answers put the lie to the anti-Palin rhetoric) we find that's another lie:

Couric: "Do you believe evolution should be taught as an accepted scientific principle or as one of several theories?"

PALIN: Oh, I think it should be taught as an accepted principle, and, you know, I say that also as the daughter of a school teacher, a science teacher who has really instilled in me a respect for science. It should be taught in our schools, and I won't ever deny that I see the hand of God in this beautiful creation that is earth, but that is not part of a policy or local curriculum in a school district. Science should be taught in science class.

Now I'm going to stress this, because THIS IS WHAT THE LEFT KEEPS MISSING, what they DO NOT UNDERSTAND - because the left wants to LEGISLATE their version of morality (via hate speech laws, political correctness speech laws, green laws, et al ad nauseum) - this is what I've been longing to hear Palin answer for a month now. The fact is, SHE is personally opposed to many things; this does not mean she wants to LEGISLATE EVERY PERSONAL MORAL SHE POSSESSES. And she has made this perfectly clear in her answers on creationism and abortion and the morning after pill to Couric. She clearly answered that no, she would never see anyone put in jail for having an abortion, that while she was opposed to it, she would prefer to foster a *culture* of life and make other options easier for people in tough situations; when pressed on the morning after pill, she made it clear that SHE would not personally use that contraception option. And yes, SHE KNOWS IT IS CONTRACEPTION; SHE DID NOT LIKEN IT TO AN ABORTION. Is this knowledge going to stop the left from making their false accusations? Of course not. But they ARE false.

What is killing me, and I might just make another whole post about it, is that all these "scoops" they think they have amount to nil, zilch. It's like a form of hysteria, and I don't understand how long someone can maintain a manic level of such a thing, even en masse. I know, we laugh and call it Palin Derangement Syndrome, but how do they stand it? I've been reading a list of supposed "gotchas" on McCain and Palin, and every time I keep thinking, "Huh? So he/she is wrong there why, exactly?" The first was the secessionist group (which of course they were wrong about as well) and I didn't understand why that was such a coup.

Now Media Matters has a whole article about how conservatives have fallen into a morass of meaninglessness and "gotchas" that mean nothing while the left is REALLY sinking their teeth into investigative journalism and scoring coups left and right. Uh, yeah. I don't see it. I see hysteria and self-delusion on the left, and some understandable anger on the right, and the spectre of "Truth Squads" weighing heavy on my mind. I'll come back to it when I might be able to make a joke or three, because if you can keep from getting upset and angry like the conservatives *are* doing, it is kind of funny to watch the left melt down like this.

Irony - Truth Squads to make sure Obama is portrayed as a Christian while the same people go about fearfully accusing Palin of being a Christian as though it makes her a two-headed monster, without batting an eyelash.

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