October 17, 2008

Recycling Old False Stories

Obama just accused McCain of planning to "pay for" his economic plan (it doesn't work that way, but we'll get to that) by making deep cuts in Medicare. What do they do, recycle these old news stories and just change the names? Search-and-replace? They said the same thing about Bush. SNL even poked fun at the false accusation with their commercial about Old People being afraid of Robots. It was hilarious; but it wasn't so hilarious that the Democrats were lying in order to breed fear in the elderly and were succeeding. I knew many people who were afraid, including my in-laws. They did not understand that a reduction in the proposed increase is NOT A CUT, much less a deep one. They didn't understand that most of the time if you make meaningful, deep tax cuts among the high brackets during depressed times that the government generally ends up quickly taking in a lot MORE money and doesn't end up having to cut a thing, but can spend even more liberally on programs. I said "Don't worry, they're not going to reduce it, they're going to increase it," and they were afraid that that meant their payments would increase as opposed to the very real fact that Medicare spending would continue to go UP just as it always has (it did.) That no one intended to cut it, even if the tax cuts for some reason did not result in increased revenue for the government (which it did.) The scare story was a lie then, it's a lie now. Obama knows this very well, just as well as Hillary and the senators who said it then knew it. They KNOW that people who are tapped in will not fall for it, but will roll their eyes yet again and say, "Not THAT old chestnut?" But it's back to the tired old tactic of outright lying in order to scare the elderly? How disgusting a practice is that? And not even a creative new type of lie, but the same lie that has been used and re-used until to anyone who understands it's just a joke (but is not a joke for the elderly people who are frightened into believing it)? Can't they come up with anything new? It's ridiculous. I also find it very annoying that I know that he knows this, and he spits in our face by saying, "Yes, you know it and I know it - but the people who are going to get scared; they don't know it. It will still work. So fuck you." Fuck you too. Update: "It's Already Stolen" - same story, almost word for word, that started going around 38 years ago, 8 years ago, 4 years ago - when the voter registration fraud was exposed (and when it finally got too big to sweep under the carpet) - "You stole it" "No YOU did! Haha!" "You're a towel." "No, you're a towel!" I'm so sorry you've been disenfranchised, Mr. Six-Feet-Under and Mr. M. Mouse. Here's your ballot back; we already knew who you were going to vote for (always the Dem)

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