October 10, 2008

Moonbats are Funny

Especially when they bark and it just comes out like a little whine.

So a Barking Moonbat goes to a McCain/Palin rally and proceeds to harass people while calling them a "mob." Most act pretty disinterested, though a few get annoyed at his constant insistence on putting words in their mouths which they did not say. His questions are really inane - ok, stupid. A few seem to be having some fun tossing off flip answers to his dumb questions. Being the racist that he is, he can't fathom why the black man he speaks to is voting for McCain/Palin and not Obama - he asks how he can justify this. That make sense to you? Me either. Being the pussy that he is, he made a little fudgie in his undies when the man rumbled in a very deep voice that he wanted to be left alone by this gadfly. It looked like the question had RIGHTLY offended him and he wasn't there to be putting up with racist nonsense from some snot-nosed little moonbat. The "mob" aspect seems to be entirely missing, but one woman does hold up a pretty funny Obama puppet, and when asked why, she says it's a free country and she's gonna mock him with it. To the Moonbat's undying horror, a kid says "You need gloves to touch him!" Clearly racial hatred from a future KKK member. Or, you know, a joke.

This is being lauded everywhere on the moonbatosphere as evidence that the Palin/McCain crowds are turning ugly, scary, and violent - but what it really looks like is said Moonbat with guano-for-brains wanted to taunt a mob into saying dumb things, failed miserably, looked like a huge pest and pain in the ass (or really, sort of like that gnat that just WON'T stop flying in front of your face while you're trying to type on the computer) and then posted the video with false commentary trying to start a meme. The meme worked and has been picked up all over the media, even some allegedly reputable ones. Except how anyone looks at it and sees what he wants them to see is very much undetermined. Collective delusion maybe. Take a look for yourself.

He seems disturbed by the charge of Obama being a Communist/Marxist (even though this is hardly considered a slur by moonbats, and Obama IS in fact a Communist/Marxist.) But what really bugged him was the guy didn't know how Obama had become a communist/Marxist. He mentions the father, but I doubt that - more like the grandparents and then the Kellman/Alinski connection. Alinski also had close ties with Hillary Clinton, which was one reason Barack was probably the only other Dem who could have beat her; those Alinski disciples are tough. Read about Hillary's Black Panther days sometime.

"Among the primary goals of Alinsky was radical socialism and redistribution of wealth. Alinsky taught his proteges to "HIDE" their true goals by any means necessary. Lying was fine. The objective of Alinsky and Kellman was to turn people against the white establishment."

Just today I heard the clips of Farrakhan (Calypso Louie) CALLING OBAMA THE MESSIAH. And what about this Ayers guy eh? Or that lunatic "Wright"? (The one that mysteriously disappeared from Obama's website as soon as people heard the God Damn America tirade? The one of the two of them standing together beaming?) Yes, it's safe to say Obama is presenting a false image of himself - some toned-down guy who just happens to have all these violent and terroristic type people AROUND him - they just live in the hood, he doesn't KNOW know them. You know? And Marxist, oh please. And dare you, DARE you question his patriotism? When you know that Michele has never once felt pride in her country until Barack got the nod? (I'm assuming that was the night pride bloomed for that one, too.) It's only something to be proud of when the free market can be destroyed and the Alinski-ites in charge I guess. Accomplished through whatever means necessary.


Another moonbat tells us Bill Ayers is the new Vince Foster. "And by that, I mean that the repetition of the name will get to the point where it’s drained of all meaning, but is just a bell whistle to extract a Pavlovian hate response towards Obama from right wingers. That sort of toxic wingnuttery is exactly the sort of thing that tends to turn off middle of the road people, and so I find myself a bit baffled as to why McCain/Palin are ramping it up."

Speak for yourself, Moony. I know exactly why I react to the name Vince Foster the way I do, and it's nothing to do with wingnuttery. It's to do with a man who had the ability, possibly, to stop the mass murder at Waco by the government and did not do it. Who then felt so guilty he took his own life. On which night Hillary Clinton, good good friend to the Fosters, ordered the office immediately ransacked and all Waco files removed. The man charged with the task, when asked why, said he was told that the First Lady (Hillary Clinton) needed them. That she needed to check them first. The files were apparently shredded because they never resurfaced again. Meaning that there was something in there so damning to Hillary or Bill Clinton regarding the Waco massacre/mass murder, that it had to be destroyed immediately.

So yes, there is a REASON people react to the name Vince Foster, even if you don't know what it is because you haven't bothered to learn. Also, this bears no resemblance to what is going on with Ayers, so your comparison is beyond murky and down into impassable muck.

There is also a reason people are reacting to Ayers and his association with Obama - who has a VERY POOR TRACK RECORD of trying to HIDE former associations when they become dangerous to his campaign. His pastor of 20 years that officiated his wedding, baptized his daughters, inspired and preached to him every Sunday - that radical hatemonger? - was deleted from Obama's website the instant people caught sight of the tape. ACORN? The organization he bragged for years about working with and for, building up the South Side of Chicago like a good community organizer? He's now lying on his website and saying he had nothing to do with ACORN. But we're supposed to believe him that Ayers is just some guy in the neighborhood (who happened to what, buy his house on the same day) and he doesn't really know him at all - yeah, pardon me while I don't freaking believe you on that. YOU certainly don't know; and it is possible we will not know for years when all the REAL investigations come out, just like we didn't know why Vince Foster killed himself for years when the REAL investigations took place. But it'll come out someday. You'll be onto slamming the latest "wingnuts" and touting socialism and continuing to blame free markets for your failings, but we'll remember. You were wrong then, and you're wrong now. And you will keep being wrong. It seems the most dangerous position to be in is "radical friend or grandmother of Obama who will help his ambitions and then be thrown under the bus when you are no longer politically expedient for him to acknowledge you." Next most dangerous position will be serviceman in harm's way when Obama wields the ax of defense cuts and brings about the new Cambodia, followed shortly by loyal US citizen who holds views deemed "incorrect" by the "Truth Squads." Or, if he loses, unfortunate bystander during the coming riots - at least that's what Carville says.

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