October 7, 2008

Quick Before it's Gone~

The SNL sketch on the bailout (which was fairly funny and largely true - including the KILLING George Soros and pals made out with - billions) has been pulled a couple times already...and NOW they're RE-WRITING it! This is unreal. For the moment the skit is still available at Moonbattery, but I'd suggest watching it now before it's too late. It's the October 7th entry. Also, guest on Fox News Liz Trotta takes one hell of a slam at a 6 month old baby, thus:
“One other note…the image of dragging that handicapped infant around and having IT on stage has caused consternation in some quarters as to how tasteful this is”
Yeah I can see your concern, assmunch. Calling a baby "it" is a lot more tasteful than bringing him onstage. She can't win if she's with her nursing baby and she can't win if she's not with her nursing baby. Or should I say, if she's with "it" or without "it." Disgusting. It sorta kills me that anyone could say anything bad about that poor little fuzzy-headed man in his little suit who never did anyone wrong. :(

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