October 7, 2008

That Moose Don't Hunt

Some bloggers can keep rattling their teaspoons and mediamatters can keep barking at the moon all they like, but the "rape kit" story is one dog that isn't gonna bark. Now there is some very good information in here, including the fact that this was pretty much a widespread phenomenon throughout the time-frame within the US - rape "kits" being very expensive new-type technology, right down to the failure to find any former victims who would say they had been billed and on up to the minutes from the meeting wherein legislation was agreed upon to forever ban the possibility that a rape victim might see a medical bill. So I really suggest reading through the piece and the comments. There is one excellent question raised - if it were so, what are we supposed to be taking from that? And why would we take that message in light of the obvious willingness of Palin to show compassion as regards the law to people with whom she doesn't agree? It's in there if you read it. But the continuation is where it really comes together and we see that there's just nothing left to bark or to clank your spoon about. It just didn't happen. There were no bills. There was a fund in place which would have covered such bills even if the victim was uninsured, or the tiny town's police chief couldn't find the money in the budget. It never needed to happen and it never did happen. So you can bitch and piss and moan about tiny town budgets (I'm surprised no one's screaming more that Wasilla didn't even have freaking POLICEMEN until 1993, but I guess no police is better than police that ask for budget help to investigate crimes) but you're not going to be able to make Palin a heartless rape-monger who bathes in the victims' blood to keep young. It just isn't going to stick.

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