October 19, 2008

Saturday Night Live

Don't know if you're an SNL fan; I've been watching since 1975 (except a couple years I call "the dark years" with Piscopo when frankly I was too busy on the weekends to bother. Dark because with a few exceptions it wasn't very funny then, either. But I watched Giuliani put on a dress and a little lipstick (no, not the full drag he's done otherwise, but a hilarious sketch as Cheri O'Teri's mother, where they call the neighborhood Hooligans spoon-cooking, motherless whatsits.) His dry delivery was brilliant. I watched Hillary Clinton during the primaries, and even she managed to be funny (hey, good writers and a willingness to laugh at yourself is what makes SNL good). So last night Palin went on, and managed to get two COMPLETELY classic lines "Live from NY it's Saturday Night!" and "Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow" (oh, Jane Curtin, we miss you and Laraine and Gilda.) Courtesy of Hulu, here are the two pretty damn funny pieces. Too bad stoopBama didn't go on when HE was scheduled; it would have gone a long way for a lot of people, including me. It makes you a little less robotic and a tad more human. Oh well. Some people are Too Serious to be made fun of. Or maybe, "Too Important To be Captured." (Flintstones reference, if you're not old enough.)

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